11 July 2006

Take it Away

I dont remember doing it but now i have a set of wheels. I have googled myself senseless trying to find how i can regain my pedestrian status but all i seem to get are solutions that require me to be patient.FYI its freezing cold in nairobi what i would call winter, and the sun has decided to go on hiatus, now the idea of constantly leaving my desk where am trying to keep warm by streaming music from Kameme(kikuyu music) to capitalfm to live365.com is simply not acceptable. You must realize that it does take alot of energy to warm this chair and as most of you know its not easy being a swivel-servant. The endless trips to recharge at the water dispenser and then to discharge just doesn't augur well with my boss who thinks its a ploy to escape work and the phone thats ringing incessantly(why cant they all take a nap and call next month).
So i googled and 45 or so tabs later,they tell me that the set of wheels should be reclaimed by the giver in any period ranging from 4hours to 48hours. They say am to keep away from milk and dairy products( no loss there),coffee(will try no promises) drink chamomile tea(off to Nakumatt,herbal tea-C for chamomile uber Yuck)no fatty foods,bub-bye the anticipated dry fry(fried meat with just dhania,onions,no soup and ugali, no chips How Now(KM 2006)and alcohol for 2 days(easy peasy).Now am not that patient, that was one of the virtues that must have ran out while i was still waiting in line.Easy for them to say anyone who has driven a mile in my wedgies knows that its no holiday. Urrgghhhhh... to the giver please take it away like yesterday... ok pleeeeaase.
Now off to the water dispenser, wonder if i can move it closer and saveon the milage to and fro.
PS: Aunty Richie.. my dear get well soonest.


  1. Pole to hear/see you going through all that & feeling so desperate. Get well soonest Gish!

    Since it's winter in Nbi, how about putting on layers of clothing & covering your head esp on your way to & from work & get some really good rest when not working.

    I know it's not easy with all you feel but try & cheer up Gish. We're not used to 'seeing' you like this.

  2. Pole Mama Richi woiye u get well soon. Hebu tell that boss to go slow.
    Who will take the cold away? I will love that person to death.
    Am better now thanks sweetie..

  3. Baby gal is endesharing.....awwwww, sorry (hugs).

    You know what is great? Go sit on the loo and don't chuck till the last killer one comes out...yeah, the one that comes when you think you are done...thats the killer one. The one that contaminates the system. Tehe, you don't need a hanger like Milo...so thank your stars.

    Else Kamum, lots of sugarless passion juice and you will be good to go.
    get well.

  4. @Akiey
    thank you, hope it goes away soon. Trust me am all covered up eskimos have nothing on me.
    @Auntie Richi
    Good to hear from you my dear. Is that a sign that you are ok now? i wish he could go away. Where the heck is cupid now, am too cold, small little man.
    thanks for the hugs am feeling like a steam roller ran over me bah! I wonder if i can get the spare laptop and use wireless to connect and work from my new office. Atl leas the hanger doesn't apply. you should see me am on the drip water and herbal teas only no solids.
    Am thinking my Ma would say to drink tha mix of 2 sugars+ 1 salt the doc that she is and then nap Looool.

  5. ok, i am holding myself from laughing. But ooh, niki wariire when we left. Pole sana

    Haiya its damn cold in Nairobi but i hardly think its anything near winter (from what i hear).

    Sikia poa kairetu.

  6. Woi sweetheart...pole sana. Hebu the owners of that mots come back for it pronto!! I bet its a stupid hyundai sawduh(see mine for mo' details..)
    Hope you feel better sweets..Just doing my rounds on my fav. blogs..

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  8. @shiroh
    You try coming home a tad bit drank and making yoursef a hotdog, me thinks the vienna just didnt cook as wella s it ought to be so trouble.
    This is winter for me znd yes you can laugh....
    was at your place Lool i know the feeling yo almost want to shoot the idiot.Better now all set for the weekend and at least they took the wheels back.
    got it will hola back sawa!

  9. It's better than a sushi induced problem! I hope you get better soonest!

  10. pole sana for the weather..

    Just keep the bottom warmer for more things to come..

    I heard many women get laid during this kind of time..