21 July 2006

Haapy Birthday

(pic courtesy of http://amanda.dd.com.au/gallery/pics/sisters.jpg)
28 today huh!where did the years go to?
Just the other day we were sharing a room
giggling ourselves silly over one thing or the other!
For your love always and sisterhood,
For sharing your secrets with me,
For my three darling nephews who call me auntie,
For bringing home a good man,the love of your life
For making Ma and pops tutu and babu respectively,
For being such a sucess after they all gave up on you,
For having a home where we are always welcome,
For watching over Ma and pops like "Mother Hen"
for everything and more which words cannot say
You know we love you and pray for you si ndio!
Happy Bithday Love and pray for a life full of
God's Love, joy, grace and favor untold.
A very happy Birthday to You!


  1. Happy Birthday dada wa Gish!!
    Sounds like a great person & sister to have. Have yourselves a fab day!

  2. Happy BD and thanks for visiting with me at my blog.

  3. Happy happy girl..Happy birthday.

  4. Happy Birthday Sister sister.

    Any of Gish's siblings & friends become our business even if she has dissed some of her good friends.

    Gish, enjoy and be blessed...

  5. Hey Happy B-day, may your life be blessed, and may all the hope and dreams of the new year be realised.

  6. yeeeeh another cancer!
    Happy belated birthday

  7. auuui kwani my phone didnt remind me and i have u in my calender

    all the best...heh heh ati 28...thats fresh when we damn well know ni 27

    belated wished dear

  8. Ok first things first
    Only Akiet got it. its dada ya GIsh Bday am still sweet 16 i insist not yet 28 hala?
    thanks Y'all ofr hte wishes did pass htem aon.
    mdkims- is oyur wine glass bid enough?

  9. Lol at Mdkim... you are such a flatterer. I am sure next year you will be saying how 29 is a great age...it is when a woman is hot... liek a tequilla you have to have her now.