22 August 2006


Nairobi 8:43am
Its a cold chilly morning, seems like the sun and Mother nature are insync with the somber mood of the Day. Today we remember the founding father of this great motherland Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. As is tradition there is a mass to be help then flowers to be laid at the newly done Mausoleum. Yeah newly refurbished, they have redone the walkway and pavement with cabro, repainted the two lions that stand growling at the entrance of the mausoleum, how do i know all this because i walk past there everyday. For those of us who were born after his reign, all we have to contend with is heroic stories and KBC's replays of his videos in black and white.
For most of us its just another day, but for his family his wife the Very first Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta its a day when she remembers the loss the man who was her love, her husband, the father of her children and then thepresident of my country.
So today take second, heck take a minute and say a prayer for the family, thank God for this country and also for all who lost their loved ones, the very heroes of this nation both known and unknown.
so here is my moment of silence and prayer......

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  1. Hi there mama, long time. Yup I remember too where I was, coming from school, class 2 when this happened..& my mum thought the world was coming to an end..

    Be good and don't be too lost..