26 September 2006

Challenges, Age and living in Nairobi

This week or at least whats left of it is Banned Books Week. I discovered that the most challenged books of the 21st Century (2000-2005) are:

1. Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

2. "The Chocolate War" by Robert Cormier

3. Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

4. "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck

5. "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" by Maya Angelou

6. "Fallen Angels" by Walter Dean Myers

7. "It's Perfectly Normal" by Robie Harris

8. Scary Stories series by Alvin Schwartz

9. Captain Underpants series by Dav Pilkey

10. "Forever" by Judy Blume

For more information tembelea http://www.ala.org/ala/oif/bannedbooksweek/bannedbooksweek.htm

Of Age, happy birthday Mental, many happy returns to you

Got his forma friend, here goes:-

You know you're from Nairobi....
The person in front of you in traffic this morning was hijacked and you got irritated because you missed the green on the traffic light.
·You have a minimum of five worst matatu stories.
·While waiting at the ATM, the bank is robbed by armed gunmen, but you'll be damned if you're going to lose your place in the queue. ..
·You're suspicious of strangers who are actually nice to you.
·The last time you drove your car without swearing at someone was when you took your driving test.
·It takes you an hour and a half to drive 5km to work in the morning and you think "wow, good traffic day."
·Every time you find your car parked where you left it you are genuinely surprised….
·You can get into a four-hour argument about the quickest way out of Nairobi after work on a Friday, but can't find South B on a map…
·You've seriously considered shooting someone…
·You at one point thought Buruu was a district on its own…
·The fake bouncer at your local pub calls you by your second name….
·You have more barbed wire around your home than Kamiti Prison.
·You consider eye contact an act of overt aggression.
·You consider a postage-stamp sized patch of grass a garden.
·You consider Thika the 'countryside'.
·You happily pay Kshs 120/= for a beer at K2, but think Kshs 25/= for a loaf of bread is a disgrace.
·You own a 4x4 or a serious car (on loan), still live in a rented house & u've never considered taking a house loan.
·You actually take fashion seriously…..
·You have 20 different menus in your house, all of which go with ugali.
·You consider going to coast & camping at Bob's as grand holiday
·You've forgotten that you lied to your loandlord twice that your auntie died hence the long wait in paying your rent.
·You'll always brag of knowing so & so who left the country for states and is far doing well.
·You've never considered being the beverage manager at a local hotel but wouldn't mind the same at Kenya Breweries Ltd.
·You greet the kiosk owner at home by his name at mid-month coz you are already begging for some vegetables.
·Even the police pause momentarily at a red light before driving on late at night, so as to avoid being victim of hijacking..
·Your mother in law is not in the least bit your best friend.
·You have atleast one relative who's a teacher.
·Your conversations always start with..... 'me I' blah blah blah.

Happy Tuesday to y'all.


  1. Eeeh Mama Richi thanks for making my Tue chekad vilivyo..
    U forgot to add the queing as you book to access Nyali Barracks for the tuskers kando ya bahari where beer is 55-60 a superb Holiday..
    The Me I vibe is called English for Nai chiks who think they know lots of english but they dont by my colleague...
    U well?

  2. hi big orange, well, that's what gishungwa be.

    yaani, i was reading your profile and thinking WOW! then read your blog and went KOOL then read nakeel's comment and went OH.

    @ nakeel, ni wapi huko mna queue? mimi nilienda straight to counter, hooked my vodka, walked out sat at the beach and drank like the fish i wasn't seeing...

    'me i', reminds me of the sheng madame mabarbie hujifanya hujua. they englishize swa...eg, we kujad and kwendad.

  3. @nakeel
    Sasa Auntie richi. Nyali barrackswould go to costo only for that wuuii the beer inthe ocean cooling polite
    the Things we nairobians dont do tut tut tut
    @gone guy aka modoathii
    Is it onve guy or mtu wa watu
    [blush]Xmany times. Nayli barracks sighs.
    I hate that english stick to one
    either swa or english....
    thanks for passing by

  4. Am still Laughing!!!TRUE!TRUE!!That's a nairobian.
    'It's only in Nai u get suspicious of any kind strangers! There's always s/thg beneath that kindness..
    Nairobians! Huh!