28 September 2006

Breasts Galore

October being breast cancer month,FYI
There will be a free breast clinic, sponsored by Safaricom,
that is taking place at KICC from today (28/9/2006) till Saturday
30/9/2006) from 9.00am to 5.00pm.

I have to say whats with men and breasts, below are some of the names that they are called:-
 bazookas (plural, slang, large breasts)
 bazoomies (plural, slang, large breasts)
 bee bite (slang, small breasts)
 beer glass (plural, slang, large breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
 berthas (plural, slang, large breasts, from large German artillery gun in WWI)
 big berthas (plural, slang, large breasts, from large German artillery gun in WWI)
 big McDuffs (plural, slang, large breasts)
 blouse bunnies (plural, slang)
 boob (slang)
 boobie (slang)
 bosom (plural)
 boulders (plural, slang, derived from “over the shoulder boulder holder” for “bra”)
 brace and bits (plural, slang)
 breast (anatomy)
 bristols (British slang, one source claims from British WWI fighter aircraft called the Bristol Fighter, contracted to “Brisfit”, which rhymed with tit, while another source claims from the Bristol City soccer team)
 bubbies (plural, slang)
 bubs (plural, slang)
 buds (plural, slang, small breasts)
 buffers (plural, slang)
 cantaloups (plural, slang)
 cantaloupes (plural, slang)
 champagne glass (plural, slang, small breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
 chi-chi (slang)
 chubbies (plural, slang, large breasts)
 coconuts (plural, slang, large breasts)
 Dolly Partons (plural, slang large breasts, from the country singer)
 double barrel (plural, slang)
 Double Lotus Peak (plural, Taoist spiritual)
 droppers (plural, slang, large breasts)
 dugs (plural, slang)
 dumplings (plural, British slang)
 fun cushions (plural, slang)
 globes (plural, slang, large breasts)
 grapefruits (plural, slang, large breasts)
 headlights (plural, slang)
 hooters (plural, slang, large breasts)
 hummers (plural, slang)
 jugs (plural, slang, large breasts)
 knobs ((plural, slang)
 knockers (plural, slang, large breasts)
 light and bitter (plural, British slang, a joke about a barmaid having the two main types of English beer tattooed on her breasts)
 lungs (plural, slang)
 mammary (anatomy)
 melon (slang, large breast)
 milk wagons (plural, slang, large breasts)
 muffins (plural, slang, small breasts)
 norks (plural, slang)
 pair (plural, slang)
 puppies (plural, slang, large breasts)
 rack (slang)
 ski slopes (plural, slang)
 tabs (plural, slang, small breasts)
 ta tas (plural, slang)
 teat (the nipple, slang when applied to whole breast)
 thirty-eights (plural, slang, large breasts)
 thr’penny bits (plural, British slang)
 tit (slang)
 tittie (or titty)(slang)
 twin mounds (plural, slang)
 top bullocks (plural, slang)
 tweeters (plural, slang, small breasts)
 twin mounds (plural, slang)
 twin peaks (plural, slang)
 twins (plural, slang)
 udder (downward hanging bag of cow, female goat, or other milk producing animals, slang when applied to human breasts)
 voos (plural, slang)
 wine glass (plural, slang, medium-size breast, from the set of champagne, wine, and beer glasses)
 woofers (plural, slang, large breasts)


  1. remember mandazi?
    and bumpers or was it bonnet?

  2. I have heard them called pillows too.

  3. ish Gishungwa, shouldn't you have left this for a dude to post. Aki you have killed a powerful message that you started with...okay, then again it is just me; stuck on relevancy of themes!!!

  4. @alexcia, egm the names that are not.
    @aegeus and potash
    i agree with you the message is clear. Get your breasts checked whether male or female. It is a crucial exercise, am going there on sartuday afternoon. the thingy about the name of breasts is notwithstanding, its a very serious issue for it to be taken lightly. even so there is always humor even in the most serious of things. the most ipmortant thing is to get would like to encourage all the ladies; even guys, to go for this free breast clinic. Those not resident in Nairobi, please plan to have the tests done. Those who are resident in Uganda can go to either Mulago cancer institute or AAR. A bioposy will be carried out and you should be able to get the results in 4 days at most. Breast cancer is alot easier to treat while detected in its early stages than when widely spread.
    thanks y'all for passing by

  5. Hi gich, good cause. after u attend can u pass the info on how to check my 'boobies'.... :-D. Unfortunately i dont blog i enjoy reading n less writting (lazy & induced blocks) Mzuri day

  6. Orangeries and plums i normally hear that too...

  7. and Apples na Peaches pia! i didn't realise there are so many ways to describe some thangs! i'll pop one or two in my conversations!

  8. socks (ouch) for the sagging ones

    lovely weekend gishungwa

  9. LMAO !

    woman you forgot another one -NYONYOS !

  10. Hehe, too fuunny Gish...and I didn't know there that many words for a pair of errr...twins as I call them.

    Good to hear Safaricom sponsored the event, folks should take advantage of this for health's sake.

  11. Interesting list, I had not heard most of those!

  12. "Bristols" come from the the Bristol Beaufighter (do a google image search if you doubt it). It had round twin engines that protruded ahead of the cockpit and with out a doubt reminded lonely and horny airmen of their girlfriends assets they missed most.