27 September 2006

Jammed, love and LOL

So i was stuck in jam this morning not that its anything to write home about but this time i was devoid of my usual book that blinds me from all other ongoing activity.Public transport bah! you know,i am very picky when getting into matatus in the morning i simply cant stand the Boom Twaf, the loud music involved. What makes it worse is when they have those miniature video screens showing the video of the song in question. Then on one of those days, they have to show some sex laced video and i got to thinking isnt it a bit too early for sex video but then again what do i know right...My choice is normally with matatus playing slow music and no music ata all.
So i chose a rickety rickshaw but it was quiet and so i relaxed and was looking out of the window.Of course i was cursing the Jam notwithstanding that had i left earlier then i wouldnt have had to contend with all these. Being one of those mornings when as i wait for my heater to behave itself decided that the rug is dirty cleaned a bit then the floor then shucks its 6:30 and yes the water overheated. After that we are running all through. So there are these two street people who are sleeping next to some makeshift sheds under the open sky i got to thinking that i really should shut up about not having because they clearly stand for not having.
I often come across children being walked to school.You can clearly tell that they are not from well to do families but my heart is moved just by the folks who will get out of be prepare this darlings and get them upto the gate and stand there as they wave goodbye over and over again and keep turning to see if mummy or daddy is still there. You will oft see them waving and others even hug goodbye that for me is really cool. The other two things that remind me of love is babies and weddings... Now babies , i love especially when they are really tiny and grab your little finger that for me is really oooh. Weddings ahem now the couple is all lovey and all. Asid form allthe relatives who came via Meru Sacco Express, Riakanau express or some strange means with banana leaves stuck on. Is it just me that most couples seem to have their won stories as the reception goes and their own private jokes.After all is said and done i have come to the conclusion that these two(babies and weddings) are best when they belong to someone else.
Being a wednesday that started with dramatic meetings at work,my day has been made by one modoathii url http://madcouch.blogspot.com so modos i owe you one. Thank you.
Happy midweek Y'all


  1. I love babies. When they belong to other people and as long as I'ma have them for an hour tops. Then when they turn into screaming, yowling creatures you best take them back.

    Bah! at public transport all right. I actually used to get depressed by the whole commuting business.Picture cranky, pissed, tired, hungry, irritated, all yelled out (at the darn conductor and driver), frustrated....and that was just in the morning.

  2. Hi gish, I love babies too and cant get over my little niece who is incredibly sweet and has the most charming smile. Pole - transport in Nairobi is horrendous.

  3. @jadekitten
    i sued to yell at the conductors then i thought not worth it so i just shake my head, ocassionally cause getreally dramatic.babaies yes i must be ale to give tem back else i dont want...
    thanks for passing by.
    hi, got 4 nephews and 2 nieces love them to death thogh everyone thinks am strict with them. nairobi transport is a nightmare, this too shall come to pass.

  4. It seems the mahewa days for mats have come back in full fotrce!when I left they were somewhat silent.
    It seems that Kenyan talk radio has gone down the drain as evinced by several posts I have read lately.
    Babies have never been my thing, I just leave them to you and Kenyanmusing.
    But you have to admire those people who can be happy with their lives despite the fact that thety dont have much.
    As for weddings...BLECH!It always pains me to see another man walk the plank!

  5. I love babies...especially the ones that aren't fussy. I cannot stand the ones that are super attached to their parents and scream the minute they see an unfamiliar face!!

  6. Hey guys, you think Nbi traffic jam is bad then u need to visit lagos & then u will discover its no longer a jam, its a HOLD UP!!! Everyone leaves there houses latest 5am to be in office b4 8.00!

  7. @ageus
    its no ever too early huh!thus morning glories comprende!
    walk the plank aiiii wont balme coz my firends and i say mjinga mwingine amepatikana...
    hence the ability to give them back to owner see then you are free Yaay!
    thanks for passing by. do you blog you should it would be interesting to read. HOld UPs clearly am not moving to lagos anytime soon....