2 October 2006

AFLEWO, Pink Ribbon

Mostly out of curiosity, last Friday evening found Gish on a long queue at Kencom waiting to board a bus to NPC Karen. Time check 8pm yeah or a function that was meant to start at 9pm yap that’s Gish for you and countless others. I was going for AFLEWO which is Africa Lets Worship. I must admit though that this was based mainly on curiosity than anything else. Since she doth enjoy a night out as much as the next person she decided to go for an all night service so as to draw the difference between both sides i.e. the light and the dark. Question, whatever happened to courtesy, mean we are all queuing to go to CHURCH, shouldn’t you feel guilty or pretend to be for jumping the queue and then bringing a whole crowd with you. Being a churchly atmosphere, she bites her tongue, mental reminder to say a prayer for them… ahem. After what seemed like forever, here comes the bus and she sits next to the driver, hoping to get there ahead of all the others. Whilst in the bus it seemed that the driver had every intention of getting us across the bridge rather than the church. This did in fact spark a conversation between yours truly and her seatmate about the drive, the joys of Christianity among others.
So she gets to the venue, its packed to the brim so she saunters in the aisle in search of seating space and finally manages to wriggle in. The evening was beyond my expectations, the music was ubber heavenly, and the people were just the ones, the lighting and atmosphere electric. Then came the time to pray for all nations, the flags were there to symbolize such. The leader lead “Nkosi sikeleli africa” with the words projected for those who didn’t know the song, now that had me teary eyed as they sang it in Swahili then my countries anthem, now tears were falling down my cheeks. I sort of felt what athletes feel on the podium whilst their motherlands anthem is played. As we sang I thought of what a privilege it is to be Kenyan. Even Mutua’s “Najivunia kuwa mkenya” wouldn’t suffice. See the thing about this pride is not in the riches and accomplishments but in the small things that we take for granted. I thought of the peace, the love for another despite our differences, the freedom to worship whatever it is that you think is deity, the freedom to criticize, the beauty and wealth of this country, small liberties that mean the world to other countries. The pastors went ahead to name and pray for all the countries from Cairo to Cape Town. I ever have been so proud to be Kenyan as I was then still is. We were there till 6am, and then went home to shower and change ready for work next day. I must admit that my feet hurt since I was standing most of the night but the feeling inside was worth every single bit. see http://www.aflewo.com
Last week I did a post about Free Breast Cancer Clinic sponsored by Safaricom, so I trudged there on Saturday, got myself tweaked and pronounced of good health. It was quite funny though not in a ha ha way. I would reccomend that you do get checked, it is very crucial for all both male anf female to have this done.
I am reading Donahue my own story by Phil Donahue & Co, very interesting.
Good Week to all.


  1. Should have gone for AFLEWO, but i had some things to do early in the morning. Glad you enjoyed. Get tested.Will see if i can go. I am kinda scared of getting sick so testing is a bit hard

  2. Ma Richi next time holla at your nieces Auntie. Went for the test Fri fond a very long queue then freaked and hit office still thinking about it..

  3. I see you are getting in touch with you spiritual side.That's great!
    I think it is important for more ladies to be aware of the importance of breast examinations coz a stitch in time....

  4. @Shiroh
    Twas great but blacked out on sartuday evening hadnt slept all day.It was scary on basis of what if they found something but at least all went well.
    the queues were a bit long but still got tested,yeah i agree it was a tad scary but its ok.
    hae always tried to be in the best of books. God is a very important in my life. I agree breast examinations are very important.
    Thanks y'sll for passing by

  5. AFLEWO sounds like something I would enjoy.
    Just wondering, exactly how would males get themselves tweaked *wink*
    Meanwhile, I think it takes a lot of guts to go for a breast cancer check. but it's important.

  6. and i thought i was the only dork who's ever shed tears at hearin her national anthem played!

    spiffy blog u got here by the way!

  7. @aegus
    Youshould catch the next one. it was alot of fun.thanks for apssing by.
    yeah there is the fear but its better knowing, so that you can plan a course of action. thank s for passing by.
    tearing yeah that happens esp when you least expect it though the anthem gets me all the time esp when in a place where it sung in earnest unlike just any meeting. Thanks for passing by.