31 October 2006


Kenyan food * now am hungry *

Nairobi in the Morning

Aside: Pics of the Stanchart marathon coming up


  1. I seent you! I seent you!

    Daud El Rude(still hurting from the run to type much or make sense!)

  2. Yumm..... I really should not have looked at this right before lunch. Now my healthy-eating pledge has flown right through the window.

    That marathon. Kwani kila mtu Nairobi alikuwa anakimbia?

  3. Can i have some of that? Those chapos, ngai fafa.

  4. That makes my mouth water!!!
    Nai is beautiful, RIght??

  5. Hey Gish!~ This pure & plain torture right here! Am double famished now,lol!

    Bon appetit & do share some via Fedex, UPS or DHL, can't wait!

  6. @Daud
    LOL at hurting imagine i dont feel it. Guess it helps to have your very own masseuse.
    Saw this at 9am thoughts of lunch yeah then am having fruits for lunch aki this was a bad idea.
    self service my dear. aki those chapos that just peel off in layers
    only awater more like a tapeworm revolt LOL. Nai is beautiful more pics soon.
    Got the addresscheck, the chapos wrapped so all aroma is intact, unataka mboga ya kienyeji LOL.
    That dish is just the one the kind that falls and only the paint comes off the rest is on point.

  7. All I'll say is there are 45 days to go kabla I enjoying that good stuff! And luckily I saw this picture in the morning when I got up and not around lunch time when I'd probably start screaming bloody murder!

  8. Why are you killing us like that? I miss the steaming meat stew with chapos vibaya. Now I feel home sick. When does KQ land this sides I amz?

  9. Gish! Aimamayooo!!I hataad lunch leo and this is what hits me when I fungua ur page....You're ruthless!! Ebu kwanza I break this unceremonious fast...you....you..."No icio chabaci ithakarite muno!!" Niwe urarugite??

  10. Cant wait to see those pics now that I actually missed to see you in designer sports wear while running ama you were pacing mami.

  11. Poor me! saw those chapos, went to the supermarket to buy Unga to make some, only couldn't figure out the right type because it's all labeled in French! and i thought Dutch was nasty!

    I am bila till I get a translator later,

    In other words, you just spoiled my day!

  12. Damn you Gish! Damn you! I havent seen a chap in oh so long! sniff sniff!!!

  13. Gish, as a Caribbean woman, am not familiar with the dishes. hat are they?

  14. @egm
    $4 days now huh! let me know when you get here will help out with the chapos and stew esp the pea, meat and all soup. Welcome home in advance.
    @poet mutiso
    welcome here*passing the chai* give me your address and i will forward the hwole dish to you LOL, fedex and DHL airtight frozen like the flowers
    the pics are up next.
    shafashi ishio i didnt cooklakini i can organize. Select a drop off point...Sorry for messing up your day
    ooohh you poor thing. OK for Chapati making you can go two ways, either use all purpose flour or use specially made chaps flour made in Kenya.
    you are welcome. Do i add you to the list of fedex?
    @Mighty Afro
    the chapatis are almost like tortillas only that they are more oily. It was made on special occasions when we were growing up
    As farmgal said we should have a party so i think chapatis are in order and for those who will be with us virtually we will find a way.

  15. man you're soooooooo wrong...i've been craving chapos all year long...no i dont have skills...as i continue to look at screen almost licking it...ok AWAY WITH YOU!