11 October 2006

In a different light

Got this link from Akiey. Let me know what you think of it


  1. Guess i like her exagerration but well, we have evolved.

    I look out to see the flowery and well kept roundabouts. The City Hall folks now deserve a pat on the back.

    Obviously Nairobi is not a haven but i guess we are going somewhere.

    have you noticed dust bins are at eyesight all the times? Thats a thing i love.

    And of course the City Hopper, makes travelling around the city wonderful.

  2. Hi gich, i read the article & i concur what the lady said is 90% correct. I never appreciated Nairobi till i spent few days in Lagos. We only see the -ve side & never stop to admire our beautiful city.
    Picture this... Boda Boda's all over the city streets (Thats OKADA she refered to). Terrible!

    If only NCC & gava could put more effort
    Its my 5th week in Lagos & i cant wait to get back to our overpriced fuel Kenya. By the way these guys buy 1 litre of petrol @65 Naira. yes 35 BOB!!!!!!!

  3. inexes - Lakini they pump it right there... plus taxes are much lower than Kenya... did you know that taxes constitute almost 35% of the cost of petrol in Kenya???

  4. I love Nai, lakini the fella has gone over the top.. ehhh?

    hahaha, and about living large, we were watching VH1's celebrity expenses where they were showing celebs spending thousands of dollars on shopping sprees, my 9ja buddy says to me, "that is nothing, my parents spend millions of dollars on shopping in NY when they visit." but do I say?