13 October 2006


Okk. Maybe am *insert appropriate word here* but help me comprehend what response does one expects when you do either of the following???

Am walking towards you or have already gone past you and the best thing you can do to get my attention is "Psssst", "Madam unakaa poa( madam you looking good)", "Whistle, make the kissing sound" or any other "bright" idea that comes into your head you nutter!
My Reaction:
I wonder if your head is screwed on right, even better am i supposed to do catwheels and trip falling over myself just because you noticed me ahhhhh... That would explain my clueless face and if you are really lucky *rolling eyes +shaking head*. oh by the way Do i look concerned just because you are fly, think you are, your mother said you are or any other dumb thing you may have heard. Oh that goes for you too Mr.I-have-money+Big-flashy-car! Whatever happened to Hi my name is X.

So i agreed to come on a date with you once or twice heck x times where for x=infinity. You have always said and treated me as a friend then your friends come trotting and you introduce me gayly(no pun intended)as your "mama".Mama here being your new catch.Did i miss the writing in the sky?
My reaction:
Hi am Gish and no am not his mama. no debate and no smiles and yes twas nice knowing you.

When you offer to "take care of me", by putting a standing order for a few staggering Kshs to my account....
My reaction:
Are you drunk or just plain stupid. First i hate men who think that just coz they have few shillings to offer they can get anyone they want so from this Gish you can stuff it up u know where. FYI, i take care of my self and i need taking care of i would call my daddy, yeah bite me.

Location anywhere, you tap my ass....
My reaction:
I think you dont need your front teeth. I can guarantee you a slap that is without doubt, see that provokes my instant anger, just add water and stir. I cant fight but will see to it that one of us leave.



  1. @ tap my a$$....you definitely don't need your front teeth. Happened to me. Location : office. Wah!!!! Nuff sed....

    Gr8 wkend....

  2. LOL. Here are more actions. What would your reaction be?

    Action: You ask, request, chase, hunt, cajole, threaten and kidnap me for a date. I finally give in and turn up. Date over and you take the bill and without a flinch pay YOUR portion of the bill.

    Action: We are just pals. You know it. I know it. Heck, the watchie knows it. You invite me to your digz and put porn!

    PS: Love your site!

  3. Its friday the 13th.... any connection

  4. Reminds me of an article i read on Saturday Nation. That Beauty could be a pain. I feel you.

    But that thing of someone making a S/O to your account is still shocking.

  5. @jade
    Kabisa,i can help you lose your front teeth.Office waaah i would flip vibaya. How was the weekend?
    Welcome to blogsphere my dear.OK then we are just pals LOL.
    No my dear its just a deep need to rant. oh are you?
    Beauty could be a pain. Believe me the offers in this town are beyond description. Helps to have some guidelines LOL.

  6. beauty is indeed a b***h. i can't say i feel you since i fall on the other side of the fence. but i have (had) pals...

    nice to read from you after kiasi silence...lazines in your words.

    i once did the standing order stunt. then i woke up in a cold sweat and had to call the chick to confirm we were still split.

  7. nice to see i'm not the only one who (still) does the wuuuusaaah thing.

    the psssst just made me smile.

  8. Modoathii,I cannot believe you..ati standing order..okay like how much do you earn?
    hehe, me I am the official cheap skate...yeah, but at least I keep my hands off non consenting butts!

  9. LOL! The young man seems to lack panache and overall charm when it comes to addressing a lady. I love the reactions. :)

  10. @ potash, ni zile wazimu tunaita ati mapenzi. i get two peanuts, so i thought i'd give one.

  11. @modo
    Is it really beauty or what one hinks they can get out of it? Nice one inow i can see running to the bank to cancel the S/O. Must be the things that we do in the name of love, clearly isee the lesson is learnt .
    That is truly no way to woo a lady. Wooing is an art which can be learnt thank Lawd.
    Welcome, It helps to calm down.
    People show their "love" in different ways.
    @stephen Bess
    If only there were classes offered on how to...

  12. gish, you won't believe it, i wasn't after what i can get out of it...ni wazimu tu. you know that cheap-arse lines, i'd give you anything...swim rivers, climb mountains...the like

  13. lol..I feel you on the x number of dates with someone you always thought was a friend. Will make a post on it soon enough, don't wanna hijack your blog with a mini-entry

  14. Hi Gish,

    Thanks for paying me a visit, and for your kind words.

    On reading your post, I have now learned that the male 'pssst' air-emission must be universal, as I did think that this was unique t Caribbean men. Maybe the lessons are taught from the womb?



  15. @modoathii
    Blame it on cupid
    @Sis big bones
    I think what makes it easier is when youdefine the lines and what you are to each other then all is *almost* well.
    @Mighty Afro
    thanks for passing by. LOL at Psst must be taught from the womb.
    Thank s Y'all and you are always welcome here

  16. Hauu..Happy birthday, belated as it may be. Hope you had a good one!