7 January 2008

Chagua Amani(Choose Peace)

Approx. 300 people killed, 250,000 people without homes, there couldnt be a better time to say Chagua Amani Zuia Noma. True to Eric Wainaina's Kenya Only this is my home, after all is said and done we have to make it work. God bless and help us all. May peace prevail.


  1. It's really sad wats happening in Kenya. My heart goes out to all the affected families...so sad! :(

  2. i'm with you on this one!

  3. Raila's personal greed and ambitions have sealed his fate.

    His hands are covered with the blood of innocent people that he sacrificed to the devil. We know ODM planned to carry out their murderous rampage even before the elections started. Rigging was a well ochestrated losing strategy peropetrated by ODM to cause Chaos if Kibaki won.

    Spirits of dead innocent children are crying out for justice. Starving widows are crying for their husbands. What crime did they commit? Did the chilren steal votes?

    Raila Odinga, must there be bloodwhed every time you try to rise up? 1982 coup... now 2007/8...

    Kenyans will not forget this time.

    You will never be president of Kenya.


  4. Ugo, It is a sad reality but we are praying and trusting God for peace.
    Aegeus, Modo, Famgal, 3toc, Amen.
    Anon, i think at this point peace is most important.

  5. So heartbreaking that the New Year started out on such a violent note in Kenya. Yes, we all need to strive to be peacemakers.


  6. It's really a sad state of affairs. I hope the people wakeup and see that they are just hurting themselves with this foolishness!