28 January 2008

Going Down!

All my troubles seemed so far away,
Now it looks as though they're here to stay,
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

I'm not half the man I used to be,
There's a shadow hanging over me,
Oh, yesterday came suddenly.

I am not sure what i feel, sometimes am sad,then am angry then helpless but mostly overwhelmed. I have had this feelings for the past week or so and from the look of things i had better figure something out real quick. Stuff normally doesn't get me to tears as easily as it is doing now. I feel like i have a million thoughts going through my mind coupled with an endless fast growing to-do list. Towards the end of last week, i was sure that if i could get away if only for a while then maybe i could devise a plan. Now whenever i sleep i keep waking up with fright and have strange incoherent dreams. Then they started a fight where my family is at, its hard to talk to my daddy who is down playing it(i know he is protecting me)and then get the real deal from my siblings. Arrggghhh am so fed up. Still its not been all cloudy, i must thank all the amazing people who have asked about me and my fam (Akiey '07). Others who have made me smile and forget if only for a moment. Yeah even you too who didn't know what to say, am grateful maybe when i can i will talk to someone. I feel like am going down but at least am looking up.


  1. Hello out there. I'm lost, lonely and looking for someone to talk to...about my problems, my prayers, my present, my past. Feeling suicidal but too weak/strong to do anything but feel this way. Please talk to me. I know I'm worth saving. I just can't seem to save myself.

  2. ((( gish and agoose)))))
    Prayers, hugs and love to you and your families

  3. man...my sentiment precisely. Easier said than done but u gotta be strong and pray harder than you've ever done before...stay blessed! (((HUG)))

  4. Keep looking up and hang in there. These are the things that make us stronger and keep praying.

  5. there is hope.join the rest of in holding on.
    they'll be a light at the end of this tunnel.

  6. Anon,am not sure i can do anything to help but i will listen. Mail me on gishungwa@gmail.com.
    {{{Aegeus}}} i hear you and i am still trusting in God. thanks.
    {{{HnH}}} and thank you.
    Quint,am on my knees even more and you stay blessed too. I know God will come through for us all.
    Stunner, I must admit that i didnt think i could handle so much pressure but am learning to reach out to God even more.
    Bryjoe, with God there is always hope. Still we need intervention and real fast while we hold on.

  7. ((((((gish))))) you too aegeus (((((aeg)))))

  8. ((Gish)) Prayers still flowing and you stay strong gal.

  9. Pole Gish. We're in this pamoja, so let's uphold each other na maombi.

  10. Mungu atasaidia. This is becoming like that HIV slogan. EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE. Let's pray.

  11. Just letting you know I was here. I don't know what to say anymore.. but best wishes to you and yours

  12. Gish, my heart goes out to you. Know that I'm thinking of you and wishing it all turns out for the best. Here's something to keep in mind, you'll survive this. What can you take from it?

  13. It's tight but by God's grace we'll pull through, somehow. Keep your head up.

  14. Oh K, my heart goes out to you. I'm sending up a prayer for you that God restores peace, safety and calm to your family and every displaced soul in Kenya!


  15. Thanks Modo and Nakeel.
    Egm, true that together we will overcome this.
    Bomseh, where we are now, only God can help.
    Mrembo, thanks for passing by.
    Kai,i have learnt not to take things for granted especially what we deem as everyday things.
    MWasjd, head up and God's grace is sufficient.
    {{{P}}} Prayers needed badly and highly appreciated. Sending mine to all other affected families too.