16 January 2008

What I want of you

From epoems.org

I want an infusion of your knowledge
I want to converse with you from moon to moon
I want to know what your desires are
I want to understand your listening
I want to eat your calmness
I want to hum in the key of your music
I want to feel the folds of your clothing

I want to know how things are joined together for you and how set apart
I want to taste the inside of your shell
I want to see how Fibonacci works for you

I want to hold with tenderness your secret tragedies
I want to make you realise what you didn’t know you knew
I want to move you to tears
I want you to be glad of the tears I move you to
I want you to give me the courage to be unreasonable


  1. Sounds like someone has found a mwendwa. Let us in on the scope.

  2. Of Wants and Needs Gish style.......i might be killing the mood but eating some one's calmness, is plain gluttony!!!!!

  3. CATWALQ, thanks.
    Candybox, Stunner, it spoke to me thought it would do the same to others.
    Kasuku,not just yet, trust me you will know as soon as i know myself ;)
    Don_Q, LOL, sometimes just cant help. good seeing you here.

  4. Really nice poem, reminds me of myself. If only everyone was as open as you. The sad truth of most people I meet is:

    I want to have you have for what you can do to me.

    I want you for the pleasure you'll give me.

    I want you for the status I'll have having you on my arm.

    I want to have you for your worship of me.

    I want you, but only if you'll obey.

    I dont really want you, I want me, but I cant understand this, so Im dependant on you to affirm me.

    I want you because Im insecure.

    I want you because Im scared.

    I want you to listen, but I dont know how to listen to you.

    I want you because of fear.

    I want you because Im lonely.

    Dont believe a word I say.

    Dont romanticise me in your mind.

    I will be your downfall.

    I am the serpent in your bed.

    I defile everything that is pure.

    I make innocent blood turn dirty.

    I am a disease and your initial disgust of me is true.

    Dont normalise me. Dont accept me. Abhor me if you care for yourself, your children and your future.

    I am evil because I was touched.

    It started with a whisper in the Garden of Eden and it came from God.

    And now I am your test here on earth.

    Hold onto yourself.

    You can only follow yourself.

    Within you is the whole universe.

    But within me there is only hate.

    When I seek you out it is but a call for help.

    I dehumanise you because you are my drug. You are my fix.

    I dont love you for you.

    Only for what you can do for me.

    If you havent stayed away from me by now then it is already too late. I will be your harshest lesson, and if not then maybe you are my companion in hell.

    Let's begin making our lives hell for each other under the pretense of "love".

    Let's have kids and make their lives hell too.

    Let's ignore the whole world and fuck our neighbours over for self-interest.

    Let's meet other miserable people like us and join hands against happy people.

    Let's pretend to be happy so that other people will believe us and then we can be happy about that.

    Let's be dependent upon the esteem of others.

    We are lost but at least we have each other. But I dont know why I loved you in the first place. I am seeing somebody else...I dont know how or why, it just happened.

    We need help.

    No we dont. It started a long time ago. Be glad that we woke up in time. Be glad that we now have a chance to make things right.

    Be glad that we are now finding out that real love starts with self-love.

    For some it is already too late.

    We were never taught this in school.

    Our parents never showed this to us.

    We will start with what is inside us.

    What is inside us is the universe itself.

    That is why evil is just a devil's whisper away.

    The same whisper that makes men think highly of themselves.

    The same whisper that makes men cruel.

    The same cruelty that makes bombs.

    The same bombs that destroy innocent children.

    So pay attention to your mind.

    I started this story as a serpent, but now I pay attention.

    And now I am human.

    lol. Who the hell am i? sorry to put a dampner on things. A real genuine person is like 1 in a thousand. They're like diamonds in the rough. So many of the people I meet are compromised, and its not their fault, the world has touched them in ways it shouldn't have. Every moment is important and like myself we forget this and follow what we were taught from generations gone by. In this moment we have to ask ourselves what do we really want? Is this person right for me or am I just lying to myself?

  5. @ hazey nice comment but maybe you should have posted on your blog. No beef.

  6. ah~! sounds like my letter to my dream man lol

    Happy new year gishungwa!

  7. no you're right, i definitely got carried away!

  8. Very powerful, but got lost towards the end ...

    I want you to give me the courage to be unreasonable ...

    I want to have the courage to be reasonable, sasa huyu wants to be unreasonable?

    @Hazey: Lol, you crazy!!!

  9. Hazey,mi blog su blog and you are welcome to post and comment to your hearts content. I may be honest yet some things you wrote rang true to me i guess as much as i want you for you i want you for me too(read when am scared, insecure once off to affirm me). Sometimes am convinced that i put too much in people and maybe thats why i get hurt then again its all or nothing right? Loved your comment and yes keep them coming.
    Candybox, comments and posts are all welcome.
    Truth, oh it is at least for me, LOL. Happy new year my dear and hope he get out of your dream into your life.
    Sandra, good seeing you in my neck of woods. Give me the courage to be unreasonable, maybe its just to know that you will know when iam. Ain't the reality and/or perception of love unreasonable...