14 July 2008


The past six weeks have been cold with the worst day being that fateful Tuesday when we were at nine degree centigrade. Am sure some of you are thinking that's not so bad, here it is. This weekend found me snuggled in bed seeing that the weather was less than friendly. I got to thinking about couples who have planned for a garden wedding, does that mean the bride has to find a white sweater/shawl/poncho lest she freezes even before i do and by the way can you ask the priest to skip some parts so that it ends faster.

Beginning of another week, its freezing cold, drizzly and no i don't have a sweater only endless cups of hot chocolate that comes with endless trips to the throne. I got to thinking, what if there was an agency where you could hire someone to keep you warm until the cold season goes away. All that is required is that you a small fee to view the profiles of the men/women who are the body-warmers. The Sales Rep show you to a room where you see the video clip of the person that you think might be good for you. Finally you make the selection of the top three as required by the fine print, then you schedule to interview them, surely its the least you can do seeing that they will be sharing your bed. After the interview you agree on the terms and conditions of the contract therein the reporting hours, code of conduct, expectations from either side etcetra etcetra. So deal is signed, you give directions to your house and that evening you come home to an already warmed bed aah bliss!

If only it was that easy, these are the times when being single is so hard (and yes Kat i heard you). Seriously, how many hot chocolates can you take in an evening? Even worse how do you sleep in a tee, track, socks, sweater arrrgghh i miss feeling the smoothness of my cotton sheets.


  1. Pole mami so share the dilemmas but thats a wonderful idea but the question is in this Nairobi where some people tend to get attachments ovyoovyo after the cold season we wont be having stalkers?

  2. G,

    Nice one! my first comment here but been lurking since '05 i think..always a pleasure to read your sentiments.
    Be well

  3. Lol!An intriguing idea indeed, Gish.

    It has been very hot here. The nights are hot and sweaty and I sometimes long for the spring or autumn as London is not a comfortable place when it is hot!

    p.s. I think you should invest in a hot water bottle. Place the bottle in your bed an hour before you sleep and voila;)

  4. Babe, a sweater is in the post,yawa- tena zile za multi-colour from some stall at Kenyatta market.

  5. The contract for a bed warmer will be too complex. Are they allowed to use your toilet? Do they come with their own pyjamas? Is breakfast and supper included? What if they snore? What if they fart a lot and grope you in their sleep? What if they want to "talk" just as you are falling asleep? etc etc

    Just go for the hot water bottle.

  6. Mamie, we will have stalkers kibao guess we can si this one out eh! kisses to my nephew!
    Wembe, thanks you so much for the support you. Mi casa su casa.
    Mshairi: hot water bottle it is. on second thoughts will trade you some sun for some cold.
    3toc, one of those with a sheep or xmas tree even better my initials. Thanks will keep checking in the post.
    Petesmama,Hot water bottle it is just got too complicated for comfort.

  7. Gosh, it's even hotter here in the Tundra region...9 degrees? Nairobi, damn!

    Lol...sorry I have to laugh at your despair. Ati being single is so hard. I shd teach u how to have a blast at it. Wait when u're scooped off, u'll petition for some freetime...and I so feel u on the chocolate bit. Throw in some alcohola as well.

    -Miss Cheri

  8. Pole for the cold. I'm also going through the same thing. I lie on my bed for a couple of minutes before getting in cos we all know how cold cotton sheets are.

  9. ice-cold modo (without fries)15 July 2008 at 15:24

    LOL! gish, yes, but si kuna F2 and if you can't stand the music kuna K-street...hehehheehheh

    but yenyewe hii njeve...WHAT!

  10. now luv. its cold yes. i seriously contemplated covering myself with the spare mattress. damn. it is that cold.

  11. Its so cold!!!!!!!!! So yes if you could start such an agency it would be absolutely fabulous!!

    but errr yeah..drama with stalkers and such like is too much..

  12. maybe you find another cold person and saidia each other before the service is up and running

  13. I'm so feeling you right now.The bed feels as if someone poured cold water on it.
    Love the agency idea,this is Nairobi,it can actually materialise.

  14. the most talked about topic is the cold weather

    lol..ati an agency of body warmers? u should come to my campo..the ratio of chicks to guys is 1:6, so we arent cold for lack of choice...

  15. Cold? What is that, Jamaica has been so freaking hot for the past weeks! Today is the coolest so far and it's hot.

    Hmm, my bed kind lonely yah now too.

  16. can i sign up for that agency....I am a certified Expert

  17. Looks like there are a lot of lonesome beds in Blogworld. Stunner, i trade you some of that heat for some really cold weather just let me know your address.
    This cold best be gone soon then we will be looking at the rains. Anyway i discovered that synthetic bedsheets are the way to go, they warm up real quick.
    The only problem with this idea is the terms and conditions as well as some participants may have letting go issues!
    Looks like we all have to tough this one out. Thanks y'all.

  18. cold or hot this gadgets are well suited i mean when you go cold turn the gadgets off and when its warm turn them on. whats the fuss its 21st century everything is a matter of technology.