2 July 2008

Why oh why?

Does size matter?

Why are men so comfortable with nudity, they just strip and strut around whether
they have a six pack or pot belly, ashy skin, bad legs, unshaved or shaved "Jordo"?

Why do some TV channels insist on airing programs/movies that are not
family friendly as early as 8pm with nudity and cursing? Come to think of it is it
just me or do most cartoons have an adult theme?

Why do some women feel a need to flirt with bus conductors so as to either not pay
fare or pay half of the require amount, Is it really necessary even in the name of
cutting costs?

Why do some men hate on women driving big cars always assuming(loudly) that they
are mistresses or driving daddy's car or boyfriend's car and even if so, then what?

In this day and age, why would one feel a deep need to flash his/her business
card/title all in bid to get some attention. How about trying to develop some
conversation skills?

Most of the men i know will pick up the cheque or go dutch which is good either
way, that i can handle. Abeg you explain the breed of men who just sit there and
wait for women to pay and no they wont do dutch either!

Do people generally realize that there is a difference between making love and
having sex?

When you buy someone a gift or treat them to something,do you realize that the
receiver owes you nothing but gratitude.In the event that you want more kindly let
the term and conditions/fine print be known sooner than later.

Why do i always need a holiday to recover from my holiday?

Why do we as women set such low standards for men?


  1. I am hoping all those were rhetorical! Glad you back.

  2. Good questions! especially the sex and making love one! BIG DIFFERENCE

  3. I will come back when you have some answers.Mi sijui

  4. Am loving these thoughts, exactly what I was thinking...

  5. Am dying of laughter here.... That chart wawawawawa... so its not only penile size we should always consider....

    Will be back (soon) after i conduct more analysis, research, review & whatnot

  6. After asking myself lots of quetions, or just thinking,I got an answer,men come from Mars and we from Venus, no need to understand each other, just try to interact, cohibit,etc, no solution to all problems as we may think.
    For the last one, men deserve low standards,anyone are you against it?

  7. You ask the question re size, but you don't give the answer. What do you think?

    Re the rest of the thoughts, I can remember hearing many women express these thoughts myself. They were Jamaicans. You are from Nairobi and you are voicing the same concerns, so they must be universal.

  8. Thanks Kafai. Some were, some i would like to get answers.
    HnH, true true bid difference.
    3TOC, er er still looking for answers.
    CP, come back soon and hopefully we will have answers.
    Xs, great now the answers as soon as you have them ok?
    Savvy, mi casa, su casa
    Luckyblacklark,High standards are the only way better be disappointed.
    MB, you should see the puzzled look i get when i ask for a ruler. Need to understand how much is 7 inches(being average). Let you know in a few. Some issues transcend all barriers.

  9. LMAO @ the chart. good done

  10. some calculations...there are a total of 780 boxes from the penis chart of which only NINE are Red (ideal / perfect) penis

    that works to about 1.15% chance of you ladies finding the perfect penis...

    Unless you make it to D*cKHeaven....you will have to settle for enjoyable / ideal etc.

  11. Lol Jordo...I'm borrowing that one...was sick of calling "it" big daddy or Samurai.

    I attend the school of thought that says that size don't matter at all. Well, unless it's a ciggie, but size aint a problem...just be sure u can cut corners in time.

    Thanks for passing by mine Gish.

    -Miss Cheri

  12. Very good questions, now we just need the answers.

  13. it is because i am afraid, men in general are very lowly beings. aiming higher than a 3/10 would be like reaching for the skies...

  14. tru that @ antipop

    i did get the world is flat... trying to read it.. i know i have to but....

    thanks for passing by!

  15. Liked the questions. You great kamum?

  16. Size matters - the size of his brain.

  17. there's too many questions!
    guys get a high self esteem when they reach puberty, for girls on the other hand, it goes down hill... that's why they can walk around with their ashy elbows and scrawny legs.
    true story... i'm a psychology major.

  18. Hi. That graph has finished me. Especially the interpretation of 'E'.

  19. smart questions..

    I went out with a friend yesterday and pointing to some mama in the house he said " i want to go and have sex with that one...i was like but " but you know her very well, her CV is not that good" to which he replied " i said have sex, not make love"
    Eish, wonderd what he meant

  20. Very wise questions indeed! I do hate the business card flashing! It gets on my nerves real quick! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

  21. I know I'm late, but I was really digging this post. I, too, often wonder if people, men in general, know the difference between having sex and making love.

    I have wondered many of the same things myself.