10 September 2008

Ermm ermm

So i have been a way for a minute, have so many half written posts arrggh. Every so often i get home after a long day and can't stand the telly, movies so i play some music. Early this week was The Reggae Gold album, lets say i rediscovered how low i could go as well as shocking the neighbors with the loud noise. Ah! the simple things that make me happy!

To a brother who is always there when i need him including the last two middle of the night chauffeuring to the hospital. Thanks for comforting me as well as taking care of me. Thanks for not laughing and not reminding me what i was blabbering. Thanks for looking lost but cool while i cried.I owe you more than one. You are a true friend. God bless you and yours.


  1. Missed you! Sorry about the illness. Hope you're well now.

  2. pole for the sickness...couldn't been a minute's break...

  3. glad you are back and feeling better. cheers