14 September 2008


Dude: “Am tempted to call you Baby. Please accept. Do you?”
Chic: “ Am hesitant since it says more than what’s going on so not just yet”.
Dude: “ please pardon me if I misbehave! How about I call you “woman”
Chic is pissed. Counts to 400. Then…
Chic: Do me a favor, lose my number. Thanks.
Dude: “Am so sorry. Thought you had a great sense of humor. I do and merely extended the same. Am sorry. Good night.

Anyway dude calls chic to clarify if the instructions apply. She tells him not necessarily. He apologizes again and wishes her a good day. Chic wonders if she is being fickle. Arrghhhhh!


  1. maybe its the hour but seems someone was a little off with the humour...

  2. I thought so too. I found the "woman" thing disrespectful and in bad taste, plus the apology doesn't sound sincere. the fact that Dude and chic hardly know each other doesn't do much to improve things.

  3. That prayer of loose my number should just happen after the sentence thats a very anti humour person.

  4. I think the chic reacted too quickly with the loose my number thing. Not very nice of her.

  5. oh yes, it has been a while! i like the look of your new page.

  6. especially when people are practically strangers, lines are crossed that one party is not comfortable with. people react as they will - that is who they are - it is up to the chic and the dude to decide to see if their comfort zones are compatible. we are who we are and who we are doesn't go with everyone. it is how some people don't mind being called by their first name and others insist on being called mr/ms/miss/mrs.

    oh my, have i gone on too much? i just wanted to say if the chic didn't like it, it is how she feels and now she can decide if she likes the dude enough to give him another chance. on the flip side, the dude must also decide if he is going to respect her boundaries. it may have just been a blip or a slip of the tongue. we make those - especially during the stressful dude/chic getting to know each other moments.

  7. Why do some, if not most, men call almost every woman (under 50 or so) they meet or come across "Baby"? Dem is not even dem ooman, dem nuh know dem from Adams, but dem a call dem "Baby."

    What next?

  8. Howdy! new here....

    Anyways unless she was on her day on the month, a lil bit to harsh on the dude...they guy deserves some points for actually attempting to make her laugh..im still not sure about calling her "baby"...

  9. Hindsight is 20-20 for sure. Thanks y'all for your comments.