12 September 2008


My life has been comfortable by and large with just enough pressure and stress. That was until yesterday, i saunter into class literally and even before i sit am informed that i have a research paper that is overdue. Whats with people flashing their completed assignments can't they just hand them in quietly, show offs.After that comes the handouts i missed, upcoming exams, other papers whose deadlines are in a week or two tops. I get home, fix a snack and Google till late. This is cool though some of the material i find is irrelevant, in the middle of the whole thing, the reminder for the 7:30am meeting with boss man pops up. Decide what to wear and force some sleep, cant sleep so i watch a bit of Sheep in big city only i end up more alert.

Alarm, its 5:45am get out of bed its raining outside, turn on the heater, mumble a prayer get back to bed. At quarter past six, boss man sends a text that he cant make it to meeting so move the meeting for later. Great, only am awake and cant go back to bed so i put on some music and make a cuppa to drink, while i get ready. Its Friday, time for the weekly meeting where departments heads brag about their achievements or defend their peoples for not meeting targets. While at the meeting, i get the ultimate wake up call. Rehearsal is over, stage is set time for me to go on and do my thing. As at now, all i know is that am in major trouble. I have to tweak my schedules and while i know i should be panicking or worried instead i have a rush that i cant explain. Time to draw work plans, dust the card holder, get ready for meetings and ask for patience because some meetings incite homicidal thoughts.

Now that work and school is kicking my ass, time to bust a move. Looks like this weekend will find me at the library. I dislike libraries too quiet for my taste, makes want to burst out into a song or poem then blame it on some disease.

Lastly, a quote from Sheep in big city

Ranting Swede: I'll tell you one thing that really clips my begonias... Coffee Tables! Is every beverage in the world going to want its own table now? Oh, here's the coffee table, here's the tea table, oh, watch out! Here's the lemon-flavored seltzer water table. Where's it all going to end? I drink both root beer and diet root beer. There'll be no place in my house for my shoes! And another thing, if they can put a man on the moon, why can't they leave him there?

Have a blessed and easy weekend my peoples!


  1. You were obviously needing a challenge hence the high. You will do good. And do like that with the sheep in city.

  2. Dont worry gal you will pull through. Spare that Sheep in City for me.

  3. that ranting swede enyewe. why not leave him there? *dead*

  4. Try some music in your ears to kill the silence, but only if you can concentrate.

    It shall be worth it in the end.

  5. Balancing work and school is not an easy task! Believe me I went through 3 years of it. You can do it!

  6. I've never tried both school and jobo but I believe it's pretty tough.
    All i gotta say is, next time you have such challenges, just keep going and don't be held back. See http://peternjenga.blogspot.com/2008/09/never-give-up-try-again-wonderful-week.html
    And when it turns out to be a Bad Day, just listen to Daniel Powter: http://www.last.fm/music/Daniel+Powter/_/Bad+Day
    This will definitely make you feel better.

  7. Thanks y'all for the confidence.
    Kafai and naks, the sheep is on the way.
    31337, that swede is among my faves.
    thanks Maua, will try that. put in sometimes today and it wasnt so bad maybe coz i was at the window.
    Stunner, you give me hope. thanks.
    Peter, off to your blog. thanks for passing by mine. You is welcome.

  8. wow, that's a pretty tough schedule you have there,but I'm sure you will do great! and I totally know what you mean about people flashing their papers...

  9. I thought I was the only being harassed by school and work..see http://nzembi.wordpress.com/2008/09/13/am-sooo-screwed/
    Don't worry, stuff has a way of working itself out..eventually!

  10. Your going through your cyclical hard time....hang in there, you will get through it.

    (I sound like a horroscope.)