21 July 2008

Emotion labelled Fear

Fear: be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event; and some of my very own are:-
1. Snakes and creepy crawlies.
2. Scary movies and stories.
They result to nightmares sorted by either sleeping next to someone or Bible plus rosary under my pillow after endless prayers.
3. Snakes coming up the drain pipe or toilet and biting me.
Don't ask have a very active imagination.
4. Growing old alone and having no one to share my life with.
5. Getting married and then it doesn't work out.
6. Failure.
7. Slipping on the tiles and hitting my head hence unconscious or choking to death seeing that i live alone.
8. Loss of family and friends.
9. Being pregnant and raising a child alone.
10. Situations that make me feel helpless or cannot explain.

I have been accused of being a commitment-phobe but i figure am just scared of being hurt having been there and done that. At the moment am at a place where i know what i want but i cant muster the courage to say it to you. I know you read this blog and i just want you know that am thinking of running away. Maybe its cowardly to you but to me this is the best course of action i can think of now seeing that i need to find the courage to say it or quell what i feel for you. I need to learn how to resist you and to say no every so often. My running does not mean that i like you any lesser just that i need space to sort this jumbled up mess that is my feelings for you.

14 July 2008


The past six weeks have been cold with the worst day being that fateful Tuesday when we were at nine degree centigrade. Am sure some of you are thinking that's not so bad, here it is. This weekend found me snuggled in bed seeing that the weather was less than friendly. I got to thinking about couples who have planned for a garden wedding, does that mean the bride has to find a white sweater/shawl/poncho lest she freezes even before i do and by the way can you ask the priest to skip some parts so that it ends faster.

Beginning of another week, its freezing cold, drizzly and no i don't have a sweater only endless cups of hot chocolate that comes with endless trips to the throne. I got to thinking, what if there was an agency where you could hire someone to keep you warm until the cold season goes away. All that is required is that you a small fee to view the profiles of the men/women who are the body-warmers. The Sales Rep show you to a room where you see the video clip of the person that you think might be good for you. Finally you make the selection of the top three as required by the fine print, then you schedule to interview them, surely its the least you can do seeing that they will be sharing your bed. After the interview you agree on the terms and conditions of the contract therein the reporting hours, code of conduct, expectations from either side etcetra etcetra. So deal is signed, you give directions to your house and that evening you come home to an already warmed bed aah bliss!

If only it was that easy, these are the times when being single is so hard (and yes Kat i heard you). Seriously, how many hot chocolates can you take in an evening? Even worse how do you sleep in a tee, track, socks, sweater arrrgghh i miss feeling the smoothness of my cotton sheets.

2 July 2008

Why oh why?

Does size matter?

Why are men so comfortable with nudity, they just strip and strut around whether
they have a six pack or pot belly, ashy skin, bad legs, unshaved or shaved "Jordo"?

Why do some TV channels insist on airing programs/movies that are not
family friendly as early as 8pm with nudity and cursing? Come to think of it is it
just me or do most cartoons have an adult theme?

Why do some women feel a need to flirt with bus conductors so as to either not pay
fare or pay half of the require amount, Is it really necessary even in the name of
cutting costs?

Why do some men hate on women driving big cars always assuming(loudly) that they
are mistresses or driving daddy's car or boyfriend's car and even if so, then what?

In this day and age, why would one feel a deep need to flash his/her business
card/title all in bid to get some attention. How about trying to develop some
conversation skills?

Most of the men i know will pick up the cheque or go dutch which is good either
way, that i can handle. Abeg you explain the breed of men who just sit there and
wait for women to pay and no they wont do dutch either!

Do people generally realize that there is a difference between making love and
having sex?

When you buy someone a gift or treat them to something,do you realize that the
receiver owes you nothing but gratitude.In the event that you want more kindly let
the term and conditions/fine print be known sooner than later.

Why do i always need a holiday to recover from my holiday?

Why do we as women set such low standards for men?