3 April 2011

Sunday Afternoon II

Dry Beef Curry and homemade Naan.

This is my first attempt at making curry and Naan at home, its always been easier to eat out. The goal was to make this Naan and i ended up with 6 pieces so thats great. The curry was great just need to make a few tweaks like less soy sauce yes you read right soy sauce. Note to self to learn food presentation and get a better camera or learn photography :).
Have a great week ahead.


  1. The beef looks absolutely delish! I find photographing the food easier from an angle rather than directly above :-) I avoid naan because I find myself eating more than my fair share :-)

    I wonder how this meal would taste with lamb! Yum :-)

  2. I find nothing wrong with the picture, I actually kind of like it. Soy sauce, now that's interesting, I wish that's what I was having for dinner, :)

  3. Gish, can I call you Gish?
    The naan looks yum. So does your girlie plate on it :-). But the curry? I don't know Hehehe, I would approach it with a lot of caution, that curry. :-)

  4. @Bee all that soft pillowy bread is too good to have just one piece. Thanks for the tip will try the angle and see how it goes.
    @Anon ;)
    @Bikozulu, yes you can call me Gish. Curry is not bad not too much spice and pepper i promise.

    Thanks for the comments and passing by.

  5. good stuff! so this is what we'll onja kwa potluck? nice. na usijali, there'll be none of the 'dreaded' stuff...


  6. I didn't know naan was made with yeast...I have to go buy that!

    Also, can I substitute greek yoghurt with natural yoghurt?

  7. I've never tried to make naan at home. Swahili eateries have seen to that. But I'll make a point.

  8. Modo,thats the plan for the Naan.
    Mama, i also used natural yogurt and you have to use yeast baking powder doest cut it.
    Shiko-Msa, you should try there is some satisfaction that comes with that.

  9. Just a note to let you know i'm reading, and that one more post from you and I shall be inspired to join in th ranks of the revival of the old bloggers :D

  10. looks delicious. Also, nice photography.