1 January 2006

For Kipepeo :)

Thank You
Thank you for relieving a little
of my strain,
Thank you for absorbing
a little of my pain.
Thank you for taking control when
I was paralyzed by shock,
Thank you for staying grounded
and solid as a rock.
Thank you for crying with me and
when I cried alone
Thank you for not leaving me all
on my own.
Thank you for your kindness,
your comfort and your care,
But most of all thank you for
simply being there.


  1. I too join you in saying muchas gracias to Kips for bringing you through what you were going thru.

    It sounds like the both of you are great persons as you come out :)

  2. & THANK YOU for your inspired write up's.

    Wishing you a great Year.

  3. If we can ever help with anything you know we're here for you. Happy new year.

  4. Now, that's what good friends are made of. Wishing both you & Kip all the best.