28 December 2005

Of liquor...

Strictly one drink per person

Luhyas need i say more...


  1. woii why has it gotta be them lunjes? Ngoja one sees this one lol!

  2. Woi hehhehe that's some ....lol

    Lunjs bana u got em girl! And we ain't even talking the chai and ingoho hehehheheeh


    BTW,did you get it yet?

  3. The guys lining up for beer with pails....if they drink so much, how long do they take to pee off the booze?LOL!

    The only folks coming a close second to Luhyas at sending salaamz are our brovas & sistahs in Tz....for goodness' sake they even send out salaamz to folks thousands of miles from E.Africa,lol!
    "Natuma pia salamu kwa kaka'ke Harold Mahmoud aliyeko safarini huko Moscow Urusi na pia.." ,lol!

  4. heh heh...how come TeeJ doesnt no u are a luhya?!

  5. Thank God for Ngohoriams coz we would never be having as much fun without them, they are such a vulnerable & easy target but we love them to death.

    Did you know how luhya cock's crow - NGOHORIOKO... lol just had to put that one in.

    Happy New Year.

  6. Wow, those 'beer-pails' are off the chain! I'd like to give it a shot - almost.

  7. haiya Nick, Gishungwa is lunje? ama are u messing with me?

    If thats the case Gishungwa(??), pole for assuming u r kyuk..:-)

  8. Ongea mbaya tu!Ngojeni we start on your people!But the pail pic was of the chain!That's the kinda bash you would invite Kenyans to and they would never leave!Happy new year!