26 December 2005


My heart is heavy for my client who just called because she needed to talk. See she just broke up with her fiancee. Her heart is shattered. She hurts so bad and yet all family she's got are a thousand mile from home. All the consolation she's got is on mail. I pray for strength to move on. Your consolation and reassurance that it will be ok. You love and that you would hold her please and piece back her heart. Give her a shoulder to cry on. To you my dear you are in my prayers and no sweetie it's not your fault.Just talk t GOd he is as always the Bestest


  1. Strength & encouragment to chin up for your client-friend as she goes through this hard time.
    Life & love is about Make up to break up to Make Up.
    Best wishes to her & pat on the back to you Gishungwa for providing that hand to hold on to.

  2. PS: Not to change topics but...
    Nick, Blue Poet, Gishungwa, Butterfly, Milonare, Thinker, Guessaurus, Machozi, Shiroh...with special appearance of Wanduma(Blue's Brother and contributor) and MentalAcrobatics.....
    Naaaah, you people didn't meet at all. Where's the photos & posts to prove this,huh?

  3. hey there gish(am sure u know who this is and i still refuse am not such an a$$)

    there's a looney who has a bday hope u give him a shout out at our looney website

  4. Pole for your friend and glad you are such a shouldler for her and for sharing this goes to show how strong you've beeen for her.

    sidebar: where the hook-up vibe at?

  5. akiey: thank thank looking forward to chatting again, but break up aint so easy. But having faith sure does help.
    and yes we met but pledged not to blog about it . Guess has the pics.
    @a$$:was there jana at his site to wish him bday.
    poi:strange how someone you dont know can be so open with you

  6. Nice to know you & the client are making headways with her problem. Good Luck to her too!

    You all pledged not to blog about it...? Ok, I see pics I belive you all meet, you put up posts & I declare all of you creative, imaginative writers. So tell Guess to come forth with documented evidence:)