27 January 2006

A thousand words or more...


  1. saw this pic and just caouldn't help myself and no am not number one whoever comes after me is the true number one. tell me what this pic brings to your mind.

  2. hey there: its that footprints thingy.
    where the chick is cursing God for never being there in her troubles in her time of need...how if u look at the sand she complain only her footprints are on the sand

    And Jesus tells the woman to "hush child, u know nothing!". He expalins that he was there all that time and its his footprints on the sand ...as he was the one carryin her thru all those rough tough times..

    I love that story

  3. Nice pic.Seems we have support even if we dont think we do...........

  4. Foot Prints...
    Its soo lovely Gish..
    Lovely week

  5. Thought of footprints too, that lady looks like she is not too happy to be carried but having no choice in the matter...

  6. More than words...

    Footprints..when I look down n think I'm walking alone He is always carrying me.

    Have a most lovely week dear girl and what's up with the silence?

  7. I'll carry you when you just cannot go on...i love it!! absolutely amazing

  8. He walks with you and will carry you when the going is too rough.

  9. Its NOT just footprints. Its the reality that there are people out there that hold us up and most of the time we may not even appreciate it

  10. I frankly don't know what to think of the pic so I'll steal Nick's story! Yeah, whatever Nick said.

  11. @nicky
    yeah its the footprints story.aint it great you a$$.
    kinda like the type you dont earn and cant justify its just there given freely.
    see most of the time we ned help even though we wont comeout right and say it you know smtimes pride gets in the way.
    wassup my dear, kazi excess though aint it great just to know He cares enough to carry us.
    thank you and yes its great
    help when you reach your end huh!
    company through the good and bad times.
    he can carry me anyday am here
    got me thinking its all the love ans support that you odnt feel unil you really need it then you realize its been there all along when you thought that you were alone.
    its okay its a great pic.

  12. Hmmm..i agree, that this isnt the “footprints” pic, I first saw this painting on the God channel…this Muslim woman who had recently converted to Christianity was testifying about a miracle..she was involved in a horrific accident that left her clinging to life, when she was in ICU, she saw a vision of Christ holding her in his arms, her husband was there and she said he saw it too (told her when she woke up, which was the miracle as the doctors had pronounced her more or less clinically dead) when she got better, she did a painting of that vision (she is an artist) and that’s the painting she did..could be wrong but Im sure it’s the one..

  13. Wow, this is an amazing picture, thanks for posting it. I enjoy your blog as well.

  14. wow ... saw this months later, but it's beauuutiful ... thanks for sharing