3 March 2007

...Like Sunday Morning

I have come to know and admire this acquittance turned friend. I am one of those people if let to have their way would like a sneak preview into my future at least on most days. I would like to know if i my dreams are achieved, the man God has kept for me, my children if ever, down to where and when i will die. Talk of taking the joys of suspense out of the story, ok maybe just the highlights and let me worry about the smaller events. Am your average worrier and control freak, i have this plan of my life where i think what should happen when and have counter plans in the event that the real thing doesn't fly due to one thing or the other. My friend is one of the most chilled out persons i have met, you know taking everything in stride vis a vie me who panics then implements the fall back. After spending time with them am learning how to relax, enjoy the experience and yeah remain calm.I am truly one of those people who the phrase " Be still" was meant for. Not bad for the average busy body maybe i can get used to this i hope its contagious.
For the past two nights i have been working at night and this has left lots of room to think and review and re-strategize.I am learning that life doesn't always follow the script sometimes the forces that be put a spin maybe so that i learn something or maybe for the heck of it. I have learnt that i don't owe anyone an explanation for anything. It has never been clearer that i always have a choice and the choices are more thought out.
He always came across to me as the playing type the kind that cannot be held down until the other day when in conversation he mentioned that he was on the BT. So am puzzled because i know he has a girlfriend so i just assumed that he was one of those who wave as the BT passses. Out of curiosity and down right nosey, i asked wassup so he says they decided to wait. Really its been a while since i heard of a couple waiting, that has me thinking... Do couples still wait, i dunno for what but do they still wait?


  1. I am also one of those people who would rather know what is going to happen in the future than just let it roll in. I usually dont mind being told how a movie/book ends! i think it gives me comfort in knowing that there will be no surprises at the end :-)
    What is that couple waiting for? the bell :-D

  2. I like living for now. Now. Tomorrow might never come. And I love sruprises. If I knew what tomorrow brought, what would there be to look forward to? And if I keep planning for tomorrow, when do I stop to enjoy now?

    People still wait. Trust me. People still wait.

  3. yes peeps do wait! Gal how u been, we should communicate some more me thinks, you?

  4. Sweet post. The future, precisely coz I cannot control it, sometimes worries me ...
    The paradox is we set high goals, but these goals then become the source of our worry, but if you set sub-standard goals, you risk becoming complacent ... It's tough manenos living this life I think lakini tutatoboa tu, kama ni mapenzi ya Mwenyezi Mungu ...

  5. Chatterly,i feel you on seeing the end first then following the story doesn't help one bit LOL. I dunno what people wait for but i will give it a shot and see how it goes.
    Lucky you with suprises me i dont but there are a few exceptions. I know came as a shocker that people do wait till marriage.
    Farmgal,Sasa mamie.I thought it was really cool being on the bilas train it really teaches you control. This waiting thing is too interesting me thinks i will give it a shot.Will look for your email add and hola...
    Mwangi, thanks for passing by. I hear you on the setting of goals. I have learnt to trust God so that if i dont achieve them after putting in my all then i figure that it just wasnt in his will so its interesting. The catch is to keep at it regardless.

  6. I believe life should be taken as it comes worrying too much about what is coming will just make you ignore what you have at present. Its good you are learning how to relax.
    Yes, people still wait it's just that few are willing to admit it.

  7. wanangojea firimbi ya kanu!

    why worry about tomorrow? tupende tusipende itakuja tu. if not for you for someone else. so why worry, i always ask.

  8. wasup gal,for me my day is at it comes!i give my day my all en make sure i do all i can in that day!!ask God to forgive me for my wrongs en bless me for the good i have done!!oh i just plan 4 shopping!!!
    about waiting will someone someone please define WAIT!!!!