12 March 2007

Pics, Graduation and M

Graduation pics from Kiambu University of Technology

M, i couldnt resist.


  1. Nice pix LOL!!In my days BSc used to stand for Bachelor of Stoning Cars, I guess now it stands for Bachelor of Shooting at Cars.
    2nd pic is an example of a Post-life post.

  2. Haaa ha!! Funny, funny!!!

    Which school is that? And is their motto "Aim for the sky: Shot for the top?"

  3. 2.Another Post(Mortem) Post

  4. that picture...im sure even those robes were obbed

  5. LOL!! those pics are funny. the grads have sura like ngumi ya conjestina :-)

  6. ok am lost who went there you or M or were both of you alumni's?

    is that you M takin the photo?

  7. Hilarious!

    Just where did you find this pic?

  8. LMAO,
    *dies * at pics.Mwehehhe, Can yus spell 'sasa now what is that?'

    You couch tato ni nini? Gish is referring to 'M' as in vile M was shot with Matheri...so now if M is still blogging....arrghh, never mind. Tiga tu.

  9. lol @ the first pic. too funny!!!

    and kirima, those bsc of yours are cool.

    kenyanmusings; thanks for clearing that up, i too was a little bit confused how m came into the story.

  10. M and Capser are pals!

    As for those graduates...

  11. ROLTFL.. that was funny... Where did you get 'em from??
    @M hahaha.. the motto!!

  12. Hilarious! Kwani they have a proper training school for thugs huko Kiambu?

    @M: aim for the sky, shoot for the top? Haha!

    @Kirima: BSc still stands for Bachelor of Stoning (or Shooting) Cars. But there's even a new one called BAc. Bachelor of Alcohol Consumption.

  13. @m, kenyamusings
    LOL!!! You have me in stitches!

    LOL!!! You've outdone yourself. Fantastic photo, I'm sure your career as a photographer will go miles with this one, iweke pale Uhuru park and you'll sell hundreds...

  14. M, we should find out what is the schools mission statement.LOL
    you all know from frequent reports that half the time the most wanted and the guys shot by the Police commisioners mbois bear kikuyu names right, hence the Kiambu institute of technology. Kirima and archer care to explain if you have been to this college?
    Nick, spidey, a$$, what do we do with you tsk tsk.
    KM, thanks umemtoa mbali lol
    Ma shady,the robes must have part of the practical bit.
    JKe, old mails one of those forwards LOL
    Adrian, aegeus,egm,susan,quint thanks.
    mwasjd, plus one of those pics where a guy is sitiing on KICC.
    thanks for passing by

  15. alaa? Kwani now I'm a suspect au vipi?

  16. Ok now I see why I'm a suspect. You think that coz of my avatar I should have been in that photo, eh?

  17. very funny pic...probably thats where these mungiki fellows graduated from

    excellent blog