11 February 2008

Good Stuff

To start the love week allow me to share with you a song that i really love. Its "Niwe Wako Milele (Be yours forever) by Nikki. To no one in particular but go ahead and enjoy.


  1. I will take it that it was for me, LOL.

    Happy valentine Gish.

  2. gish,

    That is a lovely song and a great video. I hope you have bought the album 'twisted straight' which contains this song.

  3. Thank you!
    Nikki? I still cant decide about this song.
    Happy week, happy valentine

  4. I like the song too. Happy Valentine Auntie Richi.

  5. Not a bad song, even though I don't understand a word.

  6. great song..... as 3n says i will take that it was for me too .!

  7. 3n & Kip, happy valentines to you too.
    S&R,Nikki has such lovely music form days of Mapenzi tele.
    HnH, I love her songs alot, her lyrics are on point. happy vals to you too.
    *nodding* at modo
    Nakeel,Happy vals to you and my nephew.
    Stunner, will translate for you see me aside.