28 February 2008

Wanted: Hands

Hands needed for ointment application, doctor's recommendation " get a man to rub your back and for small talk".
Location: Lower back to Neck strictly.
Qualities: Strong, soft, short nails, firm palm, size not an issue.
Duration: Every morning and evening for 5 days.
Apply via the comments section.

AOB: Dentists and gynecologists should not be allowed to have big hands. Enuf Sed!


  1. chic....your doc rocks!
    kwani it's just men who can massage?


  2. (knocking down chairs, cups and what-have-you just to get in front of the line)

    as donkey in shrek aptly said..."me, pick me!"

    i have soft hands (right size) na niko na deep-roamer ya massage. ehhehheheeheheh....i couldn't resist.

  3. I specialize in deep tissue. Pick me!

  4. trampling over modo, parrots and standing on their heads to gain altitude after tripping on the carnage of what he demolished on his way to the head of the line. no, pick ME [pun so intended]

  5. Lol, I feel you on this ad! I'm looking for some good man hands myself!

  6. FG,she thinks am stressed hence the back pain hence the need for a man.
    MM,deep-roamer ya massage hmm extra advantage LOL
    Kasuku, even greater advantage.
    ME, hmmm i see a possibility.
    Paula.d, welcome and will pass on some hands after the testing

  7. Can I lend you mami ama I do a recommendation? Call me for vetting..

  8. I think i'll stand behind you gish for the ones you discard. Could so do with that back rub.

  9. LOL. I feel you, and NO, Dentists and OB/GYNs should most def NOT have big hands! I think I would pick the man that specializes in deep tissue. LOL

  10. I've strangled several chickens, does that count for strength? If so I'm in. I can also talk small. (that's a dialect of sheng, right?)

  11. haha the good point about dentists and gyncologists...

    Im sure your comment section is going to be mighty full...must say there is nothing better than a good soothing massage

  12. I hereby apply as I meet all the requirements afore listed. I am highly recommended and my references are available upon request.

    Warning: The intense pleasure derived from Stunner's massages may lead to the patient experiencing uncontrollable desire.

  13. Is the application closed? Coz I have small soft hands that have experience.

  14. Does experience count? I also have reserve energy which I need to transfer. I understand from science I cant destroy energy..just transfer it.

    Finally, am available.

    Take your pick

  15. Dentists........., lakini should we have Male Gynaes, it's like owning a car that you'll never drive.

  16. A friend told me to go get some massage exoerience before I exoeriment on her so will you employ me

    You are so tagged by the way

  17. @Maua - You got it twisted, on Male Gynaes, it is like driving a car that you will probably never own.

  18. hahahaha...truly the comments on this one has wezad me...

    so who are you going to pick???(going for her popcorn, pillows and comfy chair to watch..lol)

  19. Am at a loss for words but am making a timetable seeing that am an equal opportunity client, all shall be given a chance to prove themselves and where a second opinion is required shall be referred to others.
    Coming soon ...thanks for the applications.

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  21. I got everything Modo has plus I'm big on small talk