23 May 2006

Going Home

Going home for me has always been something i want to do more yet i cant seem to. I live away from my folks all alone in this big bad city while my family lives out of town in Naivasha(silence, clear view of stars and clean air). Thing is this, i end going home after my ma has called to ask what happened to her daughter or after daddy calls to say he is missing me and can i come home? Mostly this trips are split-second decisons where my bags are packed or sometimes not and am off next minute, am knocking at my mom's. I have no idea why i call home my mom's i hardly say am going home i always say am off to ma's.
So in another one of those flashes i packed up on sartuday and was off home. Its only an hour and half to my mom's and after blacking out in the matatu i woke up just in time to say "shukisha hapo kwa bumps" (loosely translated i alight after the bumps).
So i walk in and the door is open so as i walk in my nieces peep and suddenly the "auntie auntie" chants are on. Hugs here and there mostly here and shortly am served with tea (insert KETEPA advert here) talk of great home coming. In comes my nephews as usual auntie umeleta nini(auntie what have you brought)bunch of golddiggers. We sit to talk to my sister who is visiting with my folks, you know the usual how is so and so and the other... Much later my mom pops in , my fave seat is sorta hidden and you have to be all in before you realize that there is someone seating there. More hugs and how have you beens?.Now to my mother i always lose weight, look tired, not eating enough among others. I wonder whether a day is coming when i will have taken care of myself well and added weight etc at this rate never since the same applies to my sisters who are married and away by now.
So jib jib jib then much later my dad, same story different cast. Here we talk soccer( boohoo) he teases me about arsenal losing, worldcup, work, life in general and yeah when am i bringing my friends home(read boyfi) which is loudly echoed by ma who reminds me that so and so's daufghter who got married now has a baby boy(good for her, who cares. After watching the Bold and the Beautiful, Yes, you read right my folks follow ir religiously guess it would happen to anyone who is retired and all ti hi hi with ma telling the story so far filled with he opinion and occasiona expression of disgust at Brook Logan or the other.Ma thinks stephany Forrester is just the bomb ati she fights for her family. We end up talking till late with conversation ranging from family to relatives and everything in between.
Sunday morning, is it just me or have telepreachers increased by a hundred fold i mean any channel you flip there is some preacherman casting demons away, promising hell and brimstone so i choose to sit outside and bask something i never have time for as i sip on my tea and maandazi(not mahamri i know).
Sooner than later we prepare to go to church. My mom still critizes what am wearing at the moment lose the sweater but am cold but nooo lose it so as usual i say yes but dont lose it.This is a big deal for me because i was brought up in this church from back in sunday school days to youth over holiday(what went wrong) plus almost everyone saw me grow up and call most of them by auntie now that they are my mom's girls clique.
Now these are presbyterians, the music is hymnal and then choruses men, the kikuyu songs that eveyone else know except me but i can dance so i proceed with the later.Did i say i chocked on the believer's Creed and had to read it out, but it was in kiswahili (imani ya mitume). Then the children, youth, women's guild then the men's fellowship sing LOL at my dad singing. Now, the sermon is in kyuk you know the full hell and brimstones, couldn't be scarier, then the hugs again now from my million aunties with the same story of you have lost weight and why dont you come home more oft, my mom chirping in the back i have been telling her the same thing... Few daring ones ask when am bring that man home, i smile and say soon... which seems satisfactory for the time being.
Off to sunday lunch which is unspokenly by-law Pilau, more bonding over repeat program of Wrestling RAW is WAR he he he. Around 4pm i figure i must get back so i have to find a way to carry all the goodies(read vegetables and fruits endless)that are meant to fatten me up before the next visit. So after my mom's prayer's for a safe journey and all which i must admit always leave me teary eyed.
Back to my house, alone again...hmmph cant wait to be home again.
do you remember this:-
Christ is the head of this house,
the unseen guest at every meal
the silent visitor to every conversation

19 May 2006


Its Friday at 4pm, am shutting down reason its that time of the montn when we do the office TGIF. Tihs translates to small talk but above all free booze and soft drinks plus cake all on the employers pocket for me it cant get any better.
Off to drink...
Will have one for each one of you

17 May 2006

How Much Longer...

He is leaving again at 4pm and he just got here last night. Gish is missing her Daktari today more than other days . Its been a while since she saw the doctor reason being that the doc has been working too hard. He has been out of town courtesy of his job for days on end only to be back for the night or day when Gish is at work then leave again in the evening. I have not seen him for 2 weeks now for me that is too long to have to wait. I miss him a lot actually too much really I couldn’t see him soon enough.
See I don’t have a lot of people close to me apart from my family I only got my sister-friend ann and daktari. These are the two people who know me better than anyone else. This man is my best friend, the one I run to with anything I mean literally anything. We have been communicating via SMS and calls when he gets here, that is simply not good enough for me. As far as am concerned, I want him here with me and until I have him in these hands of mine then all is not well.
I knew from the beginning from his line of work that he would be away but I never thought it would be this way. Initially I got mad, sulked, accused him to ann of staying away from me. Then this weekend, I got to thinking how unfair I was to him. He gets very tired and instead of understanding and supporting him I have just been acting up. So I let him know that I was sorry for the times when I have been unreasonable and unsupportive and being the good man I have come to know he calls me just to let me know that its ok. Phew! That was close almost screwed up the very thing that I treasure. Why am i ranting because i was going to see him today so now we have to reschedule for he leaves again tonight.

Some of the things that make him so special are:
>His love, passiona nd pursuit of God that i cant resist.
>His love for family and by my standards, he is a great father done such a wonderful job with his son.(and no he aint married!)
>He shares his life experiences with me seeing as he has been here longer than i have.
>From his experiences,he is been through drama yet he has come out better guess it goes with his faith in God.
>He is nothing close to perfect which annoys the heck out of me yet works for me since i aint either.We fight yet always seem to find a way to make up and compromise
> He has made me a better person and impacted my life in ways that i never thought of especially with regards to my relationship with God and family.
This man is alot of things to me.He is my best friend first then any other. Till then
I Can't Wait to Be with You Again

You don't know
how much I miss you
I live each day
as it comes
functioning in all my tasks
smiling when needed
even laughing at times
but inside I am so alone
each minute seems like an hour
each hour seems like a day
What makes this time bearable
are my thoughts of you and
knowing that I will
be with you soon

-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz

15 May 2006

Monday again!

So instead of working i am surfing (bite me), and i came across www.reverendfun.com so here goes:-
Akiey :)

And since i didnt make to church was working yesterday,

and being two mondays to payday,

Have a great Monday and yes SMILE.

3 May 2006

Veni Vidi Vodka...

Last weekend was just the one from Saturday to Sunday to Monday tsk tsk tsk…
So we left Nairobi around 3pm headed to the shores of Lake Naivasha more specifically Crayfish Camp. In the car my girl and another friend, after a couple of mugithi songs, some soul, zilizopendwa and rock we got to naivasha in an hour. So we have to check in at the reception. At this point I must admit that initially the main intention was to party with one of our all time favorite bands the Weavers Band. I do realize that this could be what they say ati those things you didn’t do when you were young will come back in old age. This weekend was laced with an offer for Kshs.3500 this included accommodation, food, lots of music and dancing, goat eating at midnight and the best of all an open bar all night (translates to Last Person Standing). That plus the company, jus the people who hang out with at the band was enough incentive to get me to naivasha. Now Weavers’s band is special to me because they play really good music (variety) plus over time I have come to know a couple of them closely (not KM knowing).
So am at the reception, we ask the lady there if the band is already there and she says what band? So I call my dear N and ask where the heck they are? When he finishes laughing he says the whole thing was cancelled. I relay the good news to my crew and we proceed to check in, we are taken to this really nice banda and where we proceed to freshen up. From there following Sammie’s advice, to the choma zone where meat is thoroughly organized, see the beauty is that you don’t wait its already prepared. Some Vicky and Richy (read as Viceroy and Richot Brandy) like that as we wait..Nakeel you would have been a very proud auntie...
After the meal, to the bar where we sit at the porch with a jiko provided then al the drinks flow from there… as we hang out in the bar we are informed that there is a disco(seriously the exact words) today and he points to the venue…
Let’s say some x number of shots later with a Smirnoff black ice as chaser, with my girl wanting to dance on the table, we were really ready to disco. To the disco, now this is a country disco in that you pay the cover charge, then they use some rubberstamp to leave some mark on your hand then you are in.

Now the disco is just a hall the floor is not cemented though not dusty seems water had been poured, then sambucca shots, then the dancing. Its like out of town Jack Swing you know coz the music they were playing was really old e.g. Murder She Wrote, you shoulda see the pirate dance involved in this story. Then back to the banda to drop a few things off now on my way back I bump into this clique that had a bonfire but were speaking in kikuyu. As I pass I hear the joke and I start laughing shortly am invited and since I can’t pass up an invite so I sit and soon beer at hand we talk away some men vs. Women vibe though in kikuyu now with some mugithi playing in the back from the car.
After a while I ran away literally gave some flimsy excuse then hightailed back to the disco lets just say I was there till 6 in the morning when I found my way to my room only to be woken up by housekeeping at 10am. Then to the lake dipped my feet in the water and just chilled, the quiet peace till you can hear yourself think utter bliss just the remedy for a hangover.
Later in the day, to the Delamere place for some nyama choma again, takeaway yoghurt plenty of fresh fruits and veges oh, and chocolate chip vanilla ice cream.Then Back to Nairobi just in time to catch Weavers Band at Pizza G(bango kibao), then from there straight to Psys(read size) Bar Langata Shopping Centre,where there was a blackout but like 30 mins later the lights came back on . Kidogo Calabash Band with some Rock then after that local music i mean really local like Osovo Lucy that Kamba song that just brings the shags mudu out of everyone.
Got home at 5:30am, Akiey, could it be that insomnia can be contracted via chat hmmm....
Oh yeah got me a new crash pad, diggings, digs, parking place... wooohooo.
Pole sana kwa Man U fans Kichapo from Chelsea then not one 3 bila jibu ata wewe ... sijui niseme?