28 February 2008

Wanted: Hands

Hands needed for ointment application, doctor's recommendation " get a man to rub your back and for small talk".
Location: Lower back to Neck strictly.
Qualities: Strong, soft, short nails, firm palm, size not an issue.
Duration: Every morning and evening for 5 days.
Apply via the comments section.

AOB: Dentists and gynecologists should not be allowed to have big hands. Enuf Sed!

26 February 2008

Half a Dozen....

The Rules:
- Link to the person that tagged you.
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
- Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
- Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Moja: Iam my own ms.Fix-it literally and actually enjoy it sadly i cant wash my own hair properly so have to go to a salon.

Mbili: I am get along with men very easily, as a result 99% of my friends are male.This is good and not so good at times esp when dating.

Tatu: I don't know how to ask for help as well as depend on someone. I prefer to handle my own issues myself, i hate being disappointed.

Nne:I don't care much for chocolate, flowers, candy and PDA.

Tano: It takes time for me to walk away from friendships and relationships but when i do i hardly look back. Funny though still consider them as friends.

Sita: I love to dance and i dance to anything as long as there is a beat and rhythm.

By the powers vested in me i tag everyone who is on my blogroll and hasnt posted six yet. Get to work ;)

20 February 2008

Sentimental Ramblings

-Brought on by "In a Sentimental Mood- John Coltrane & Duke Ellington."

Love, these four letters have brought more people together as much as split them. I know Valentine's over but i got to thinking after all this time shouldn't i at least know enough about love. My dad says "there is no love expert". No matter how long or many you love, each person is different. I keep thinking like with work experience, shouldn’t you be able to say what you can and can’t do plus what you are willing to learn on the job. Love, lust, passion, romance, sex all these are just what they are love, lust, passion, romance and sex, each individual has their own “formula” for satisfaction. It is one thing to fall in love another to stay in love which would explain “I love him but am not in love with him”. Funny how when we are in love our tolerance for that person suddenly increases and we are often willing to compromise.

Heard about a lady whose honeymoon was without “bumping uglies” and she was wondering whether it was a sign of trouble ahead. So, when did sex and love become justification for the other? The reason given was maybe because they we already “bumping” prior to the nuptials then maybe that’s why. That brings me to the belief that familiarity causes people to take things for granted. For some people seems that the longer you are together the lazier you both are to explore possibilities until its just routine. Then instead of staying because you are happy you count the number of years you been together, still easier said than done.

At the end of each relationship/relation/fling/clande/arrangement you name it we all have a list of lessons learnt that we swear by with greater emphasis on the dont's. Sadly it only gets complicated with age, clearly this is one area where practice just wont make perfect. I figure the goal is to be true to yourself and have a good time else for me its just not worth it.

13 February 2008

Happy V-day

In the name of all that is red, Happy Valentines to you all seeing that its the season to be flowery in language and literally, in love(real or imagined), proposals and getting off the BT ;).Tis also the only time that irrational things are legally blamed on love. In the past years i have advocated for the crucifixion of the naked baby, this year am indifferent, i just don't care.
Happy Birthday to Daktari, wishing you many blessings and thanks for always being there.
Aside: Catwalq aka Lagba-Jess Get well soonest, chin up me dear.

11 February 2008

Good Stuff

To start the love week allow me to share with you a song that i really love. Its "Niwe Wako Milele (Be yours forever) by Nikki. To no one in particular but go ahead and enjoy.