23 August 2005

Day One of the Rest of my Life

My commitments to Discipline and Growth
o Spend time in solitude everyday
o Read a book for inner growth
o Keep a journal of prayer concerns, questions and reading.
o Focus on thanksgiving , rather than on asking in prayer
o Take an hour to do what I always say I don’t have time to do
o Find a way to sleep early/ sleep in so I get enough rest
o List people with whom I need to be reconciled with. Pray for them and let God guide me ion my thinking and feeling towards them.
o Take control of my life by stopping procrastination and stop caring what people think of me.
o Take one hour to inventory my priorities and plan how I will reorder them.
o Give up a grudge or a rehearsal of a past event.
o Forgive someone who has hurt me.

Outward and Social Promptings
o Take on some loving task
o Write a note of affirmation once a week to a person who has touched my life.
o Listen and respond to Christ’s call to a ministry of service
o Have coffee/lunch with someone I want to know better
o Begin to recycle waste from my home
o Give blood and recall the cross
o Call the AIDS project and ask how I can help
o Say “NO” to something that is a waste of money and time
o Pray to God to help me to resist prejudice and give me the courage in opposing it.
o Decide to become a member of the church and speak to a pastor or lay leader.
o Rebuke the spirit of criticism and my own tongue out of control.
As a way of being accountable; I will share my plan with at least one other person and share with that person my experience.


  1. "Say no to something that is a waste of time and money".mmmmmm dunno, I have enuff stuff that I do that are totally a waste of money and time .

  2. I like, I like, I like!!!

    Can I borrow and use??

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. sounds liek a new years resolution ebu give us feedback after 2 months