16 August 2005


Day: Friday

Time: 6: 40ish

Venue: Hooters

Am sitting at the said venue, sipping on my cold tale. Is here for one of my club (Rotaract Club of Nairobi Central) events what we all fondly call TGIF (thank God its Friday). This is a time when members are to bond, gossip, cat , dart, do nothing but mainly get to know each other apart from let off any steam,aka rant and rave about the week past, chomoa a plan for the weekend or at times a Friday plan e.g. my fave New jack swing. FIY New Jack Swing as they say is about when carnivore was called vouras, when wacko jacko was black, bobby brown was clean etc. ooohh 3rd Friday of every month.
The place is not so packed, the Dj is doing his thing on the turntable. From some deadly old school funkies, you can tell whos over 23 since they seem to know the lyrics by heart. Musta have had the songbooks back then.
More people stream in then the greetings are exchanged which range from a simple handshake, a hug (single/double), 2 kiss/3 kiss, a kiss then hug ... The ladies are looking all fresh and combosed yes they gat combosure must be the prior visit to the little girls room the things that are not in those handbags. The men hhmmmmm, suits, loose ties or none, shirtsleeves folded till midway between the elbow and the wrist. fashion statement sio.
Am informed there’s' going to be a pool challenge so we are being grouped into amateurs and pros. Yours truly takes the first game (amateur) then halfway gets bored and hands over to the pros. Back to my sina taabu, my tale baridi at hand and all is well with me. am looking around sourcing for someone to tell tales with. Then a cute guy (good) with a chick looks tight (bad) hen the shinning bling , yeah married(ugly) so bummer . The frotho flows. The music is getting better he’s been playing soul, east african music , mugiithi, vyone chakachaka tis bliss.
Time 11pm
Off to Langata Shopping Center to the joint Psys formerly known as Size bar. The crowd super strictly over 27 . The music old, really good the kind that makes you want to do a quick shabadoo. Am with company doing old moves and having a ball. With the occasional (ok a lot of) hugs and bonding now that we are at the entrance and can see who’s coming in.
Then th ususal endless rous, laughter, dancing. Now dancing, there are those who cant(zero coordination), those who shouldn’t ( its dangerous), those who can (potential with practice and few videos) and those who can and they know it (showoffs). A few beers, a few dance moves and hugs later tis time to go home. Few is used relatively here.
Funny/Strange how:-
sses so quickly when you are having fun.
Everyone is friendly and tight at the pub and cold nd distance elsewhere
Everyone is generous with rous when drunk
Some men still think that one beer=2 shotis( go figure)
Everyone looks fly after a few beers.
Men are always willing to give a ride home especially if you are female
Confessions of undying love and loyalty come so easy
You know the lyrics to every song and the dance moves without missinga beat.
Jeans Nairobi west- the pizza is super at 3 or 4am but tastes like crap during normal hours.
Gospell hits in bars and clubs the likes of kuna dawa and akisema atakubariki, akorino have nothing on the walevis.
You find strnge numbers in your phonebook with strange names like mr.x, cockpit, maybe.
When those mugiithi, kao or kisii songs play the classy chiqs are the ones who can get dance better than chiqs of shags and mboches. Uptown kitu gani.


  1. oh i love this post!! where does all the moonlight love go after you all leave the club. Monday morning people say hi as if ur just associates and u were both dancing it out on the dance floor!

  2. Excellent post. I see myself many a friday night in that way/in those places.


  3. Nice!!

    Eish! Jeans! Didn't I love that pizza until I tried it once for lunch!!! LOL

    Kenyan raves rule!!!

  4. Oh man, I know EXACTLY who to find when I return to Nairobi. My sheltered little behind probably went to 5 discos- Sounds like a blast..you're silly too..

  5. This well told story sounds like one evening of lots of fun:)

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! to the memories, uuiiiii am feeling nolstagic sana right now.

    I got 2 words for you- 'Nairobi rocks!'

  7. Fantastic post! You write so well, I felt like I was there ;-)