25 August 2005

Dear Dolly?! aka agoony aunt

Dear dolly,
I want something that is forbidden. Just the realization that i cant have it makes me want it all the more. Please advice.

Eve( pun intended)


  1. hm...my sentiments exactly. why is forbidden fruit always the sweetest? let me know when u get some answers!!

  2. Dear Eve,
    Do you have any idea what trouble you are getting yourself into by desiring THAT which is forbidden. The person who forbade you from actually possessing this item had a reason. There are serious consequences to your having it. You will need to have more of it and MORE until it completely destroys you. I suggest you channel your desires to items attainable. Whenever you feel like sinking your teeth onto the succulent forbidden truth grab an apple and focus all your desire on it. With time you will forget about that nameless fruit in the garden.
    Alternatively child, gouge out the eyes that lead you to temptation.

    Aunt Dolly

  3. Dear Eve,

    It is quite obvious from your letter that you want, not need, that ka-something.

    Be strong and overcome the desire...

    If not, please write to me again to seek advice on the bigger problems you will have...

    Yours like an eagle
    Dolly Patron

  4. Dear Eve,
    Throw caution to the wind, take a huge bite..we both know how this story ends. Hopefully you'll live-painlessly- to tell the story.

    Medusa aka Snake lady.

  5. wish it was that easy as walking away but as luther said we ashall overcome. Iam meeting with that thing that i want to discuss with it on the way forward.

    fighting temptations-beyonce

  6. Dear Eve,

    *Laughing evily* Listen to that little red man on your left shoulder. Take what you want.F**k the consequences!
    Dont listen to that whimp on your right shoulder- he just wants you to suffer!!!

    Blue Devil.

  7. LOL at the mixed advice you are receiving.

    Dear Eve

    I have always found that we all know what we are going to do, irrespective of what other "wiser" people tell us. So you want to dip that toe into some hot temptation, knowin you will get burnt, but knowing you cant walk away either?

    Go ahead..

    At least you will have written that chapter in your book, and not gone with "hearsay".
    Good Luck in what you decide to do!

    The Guessing Shrink

  8. Dear Eve
    You will not be the first not the last to take something forbidden..
    Just take a bold step and get it...
    All the best


  9. Dear Fruit(gishungwa) what other fruit could u be lusting after?
    Are u really sure u can't have it? and i do mean are u really sure?

    and assumin u were to taste this forbidden person(called consequences as blue put it ha ha ha)...ooops meant fruit....would would happen after?

  10. time to fess up!
    @blue Devil
    i tasted the fruit, twas not as sweet as i thought it would be so am spitting it out.
    @the guessing shrink
    U know all along i knew what i would do but it felt good to share.
    there went the bold step
    @ nick
    yes am really sure that i cant have it.

  11. Dear Eve,

    I shall give you a moment to finish spitting out the fruit as it is not right to talk with food in the mouth.

    Glad you are now clear on the way forward. Happy for you.

    In true KBW style, we live on details, sweet juicy details...

    Please furnish those for us to enjoy, share and/or learn ;) Goss rules!!!

    Yours waiting-for-details-ly
    Ungle Dolly

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