18 August 2005

Of Kenya Nite

It’s Wednesday evening, looking forward to a quiet night at home, watch Art Scene then ALIAS then a flick. Then the usual conference about everyone’s day and the drama in their lives, with the men and sex taking like 90% of the time as TLC say girls talk. Iam first in the house oh forgot to mention that I live with my 2 girlfriends legally and an open house to our friends on weekends.
Time: 8pm
My best friend who I call my sister saunters in with kelele. Reason for the noise is that her birthday was yesterday and it kinda got forgotten. We sit over a coffee to strategize how to remedy that apart from catch up on our lives.
Time: 8:30
My two housemates walk in, the kelele goes on ati we forgot her birthday, and then a bright idea then and not so bright now emerges. We have been planning to go for Kenya night but haven’t gotten round to doing it. So the sitting committee unanimously agrees that we do it. Now the biggest part, what to wear, its Wednesday, you want to look hot but still fit in if you consider it’s a work night and most people will be in formal wear. Half an hour later which is like record time we are all dressed and good to go. We get one of my gal’s dude to drop us in k2. On our way out my gal in Langata calls saying she’s bored, so we let he in on the plan. Real fast we are on our way to Langata or LA as they call it. Ok from Nairobi West to LA , dude can’t believe it but he’s seen worse. So we get there only to find a chick making chapos ati we took long how! Deal is done I make the chapos, my gal the stew and her she goes to prepare. Lets say the chapos are done and eaten.
Time: 11pm
Outside K2, we swear and make a pact that we will only be there for one-hour two hours tops and thou shalt not drink anything alcoholic. We go up the stairs as we walk in its kinda packed but nicely. Kenya night is strictly Kenyan music all night. We go to our usual spot at the counter near the pool tables across the Dj. On the way we manage to lose a few of us as they stop to meet the people. Shortly here comes the waitress, “ mtakunywa nini?” “Ginger ale, Smirnoff ice, Tusker, double vodka” si I thought no booze yeah right, the party is on the jacket is hanged on a chair and the dancing begins. Now I have to blow my trumpet here, my friends are good at dancing and they know it and flaunt it. The drinks are here amidst acknowledgement from the regulars. The Maina kageni announces that some artist from coast will be performing, score 5/10. Next up Mr. Lenny with his new single and a few old songs, a few Kenyan “celebs” are in so they are mingling with mafans. Then as if it could be worse, my sister is given a 1000bob drinks voucher by Collo courtesy of K2 coz its her birthday, now you tell me. Things just got ugly. The music is super the crowd is on their feet; you would think it’s a Friday the way the drinks are flowing.
Why do some men think that when they flash their titles you will be impressed, you should see the collection of business cards involved.
Time: 1am
The place is kicking everyone including the ginger ale gal has switched to a cold pilsner. By now we have met some guy who claims to work for CNN, a Nigerian who went to get us drinks and has not returned, a Burundian who wants to marry my sister among other drama. Then out of the blues first jamnazi boys na band with “am not sober” then a jaluo song called macelina where the guy sings” marcelina niko na samba dubai” katitu poys pand are on with their number safali ya katitu. “ kisumu tulienda tukarudi, mombasa tukaenda tukarudi with the full instrumental. Now that is where it went wrong, u should have seen the moves. Followed by “kilunda ni kise mbesa kilunda” then mariro then mama kiwinja then some kisii song then sukuma bin ongaro with a luhya number. Please note that during all period you are not allowed to sit.
The crowd went ballistic, the moves you ‘d laughing especially from the people in suits and ladies in heels. From there everything goes downhill.
Time: 4am
Yes as said, one hour later, we are headed home that’s after meeting some luscious man whose details I choose to keep. A woman must have a few secrets. To jeans for a dose of the pizza and some fries then home.
Time: 7am
Want to wake up cant wake up. The smell of coffee( kahawa number 1) wakes a few, hit the shower swear to have quit booze and clubbing that’s until kesho. I wish I was in bed now 5pm cant come too soon, but luckily for me my class is till 12noon can hear my bed calling.
Did I say I have quit?


  1. Hey, that looks fun.Ati Ginger Ale turned cold pilsner girl If you want to quit drinkning take REDDS

  2. @shiroh
    Twasnt me i am the girl with Tusker baridi at hand but i will pass the tips to the pili girl.thank you.You would think we have learnt by now....

  3. Now, now, now. Kumbe you've taken over my sitting place at K2 karibu na DJ and pool tables... ;)

    Oh I miss Nai badly!!!

    How many times do we promise to rave for just a ka-hour and end up heading home osubuhi na mapema???

    Know the feeling, been there, done that and will readily do it again ;)

  4. Gal, you sound like you had mob fun - takes me back to when I was in Kenya - I too miss that!
    And it was outside that same K2 at 4am that I vowed never to drink again - yes, until the following week that is.


    Why the hell wasnt I invited!!! I am in Nairobi. You gals think Im too old- Have another think!


  6. woiye papa smurf!! lol at your night out gishungwa! how many times have i sworn to never let anything with any sort of alcohol content pass these lips, then lo and behold and promising all over again!

  7. memories galore...lol@ this "kilunda ni kise mbesa kilunda"

  8. Art scene is still on?? I loved it. lol to your night out! The drama...

  9. Yap- been there, worn the tee to work...waay back when though-been a while since I pulled a gishungwa he he..
    I'm thinking I wanna git down kesho- I know just the spot..Furahiday..yay!

  10. ahhhhh, days of hanyeing till sun up. I hate this thing of leaving the club @ 3am. What's the rationale for that, yani some laws just suck.

    I can't wait to be back in Nai - maybe in Dec......

  11. @milonare
    that spot is too good sadly its becoming crowded.its never really one hour is it?. see you there when you get back
    the promises and vows yeah right like anyone follows them up
    @blue poet
    sawa next time will call you and lets see how young you really are.
    the i wont drink story likw it ever works. look out for the blog featuring me and blu poet on the hanye.
    thas a very deadly song my katitu mbois mband am actually looking to get a copy.
    yeah art scene is still on actually better than ever plus new fly presenter.
    hope you had fun. am due for anothet on furahiday
    i know the 3am thingi dont worry here we still do it till 6 in the morning though nimelemewa sikuhizi i leave at 4am latest. Sadly they no longer have shikashika time.
    see you in Dec.

  12. LOL! Oh how i know that feeling! Kenya nite is one I am yet to try but seems too deadly on a week nite ;-) Ati quit? I think Guess explained the fatality of such a promise...hee hee! Sounds like a fantastic night...

  13. Send me some jamnazi and macelina on jatown@hotmail.com and i'll send u some of the stuff i have sawa?