2 August 2005

Joy oh Joy

Am having one of those moments when you suddenly have a burst of joy. I mean joy, a bubbling feeling from deep in your abs. Moment of pure bliss when nothing can ruin it, i mean nothing. Point when the world and everything in it is prettier, more beautiful, the colors shine brighter. When you just cant smile you beam, i mean one of those ear to ear grins.You smile at strangers and ask how they are doing. Suddenly all is well with the world. The reason for this temporary insanity and bliss ,am not really sure or is it hormones , guess will never know huh!.
See the thing is i dont care why, how ,when what, which for me all that matters is that am happy and it feels great.this is like the bestest(if there is a word like that)feeling ever.If only this feeling could be bottled up and sprayed forth each time you need to experience it.then again it wouldn't be that good and half the joy is inthe spontaneity of the whole experience.
All i want to do is sing and be merry, shout out loud, stand on the roof and let the world know that am happy am happy happy happy( you now the song). This is pore euphoria, bliss tis a whole new level.
I love it.


  1. hope this feeling stays with you for a long time!

  2. Wow!

    Nigawie (of the joy that is) kidogo sista, kidogo tu!

    I love that feeling of being bila care in the world!! Someone once told me, where actions go emotions follow... That's how I get my joy fix on the regular, by acting joyous!!!

    Eish, I can actually feel your joy!! Great post!

  3. stay with the joy. donn let it slip away. and what is it all about anyway? azin some explaining........

  4. Yours is a contagious joy..Have a mental picture of a joy so deep and pure, its tangible...
    I needed this today..not feeling particularly joyful..thank you

  5. the joy continues even as i read your comments. The feeling is new and refreshing .
    hope it lasts a long time like forever which still wont be long enough.
    thank you and wish i could sambaza some mmphnext project how to for now iam still beaming
    still aint got a clue the weather is cold and gray and am still beaming anyway i thin i will let it be.
    i thnk tha that kind of joy only comes from God, i will be praying that he sambazas some to you.
    thank s guys and as always you are welcome here. mi blog su blog derived from micasa su casa.

  6. damn i disappear and u've posted an even changed templates.

    Kashungwa ebu hold onto that joy before it slips away...cause we all know what happens when that feeling disappears...cling/hold onto that joy-heck even pay someone dont lose it

  7. nick nick nick u dont dissapoint me?. am still joyful still holding on to it. thank you for everything.

  8. Wewe! I want some of what you are drinking/eating/inhaling :)

  9. Happy for, oh the joy feeling! It doth feel good. Hope it linger for as long as possible.

    Hold on to it believe in keeping it and it sure shall last!

    Great post about joy, made me smile,imma spread to all arnd me.

  10. You have made me smile. I am looking forward to a happy day too.
    BTW, that girl of ours,I still want to do something now that i am finally in town.

  11. Damn! That Joy is infectious... thanx for posting such warmth! Thanx


  12. Julie Pecorino says: no worries!!!